Nerds Gotta Eat: Leslie Knope’s Galentine’s Day Cheesecake Strawberries

image_5 (7)It’s February, Fangirls. You know what that means; Galentine’s Day. The holiday in which women come together to treat themselves and celebrate their womanhood through brunch, diet soda, and crotchet. It’s the best holiday there is, in my opinion, and it all stems from the brilliant mind of Leslie Knope. But I thought her gift bags needed a little sweetness to go with the needle point pillows.

Being the day before Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s one ups the holiday in more than a just a literal sense. So I figured that I needed to one up a Valentine’s Day tradition. Chocolate covered strawberries are the go to sweet treat for your honey on Valentine’s. But for Galentine’s, you need to make yourself something extra special. Feed that goddess within you. Goddesses love strawberries, they love chocolate, but they also love cheesecake. So, naturally, put all that shit together.

These are super easy, extra delicious, and are perfect for that morning breakfast date with your ladies. They just take a few ingredients, and then you’re on your way to Galentine’s heaven.image (7)


1 container of strawberries
1 package of cream cheese
1/4 cup confectioner’s sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
Chocolate chips

First things first, prepare the cheesecake filling. To do so, simply combine the cream cheese, confectioner’s sugar, and vanilla by mixing them with an electric mixer until smooth. Then, transfer that to a plastic bag to later use for piping into the berries.image_1 (7)Then, it’s berry time. Take the strawberries, and cut out their centers, making a hole. This can be a little tricky, you just have to make sure you cut it all at an angle so that the piece can pop out.

image_2 (7)Once those are hollowed out, it’s time to fill those bad boys. Take your bag of cream cheese and cut a tip from the corner to squeeze into the strawberries. You could of course use a real piping bag with fancy tips and all that, but I think you can make them look just as fancy with a sandwich bag. Squeeze the filing in with whatever look you please, then set the strawberries down on a plate.

image_3 (7)Once all your strawberries are full, it’s time to add some chocolate to these friends. Melt some chocolate chips using a double broiler or microwave. Then, using a spoon or other utensil, drizzle the chocolate over the strawberries. Place them on some wax paper, then let the chocolate set & harden.

image_4 (7)


When you roll up to the Galentine’s Day party with these bad boys, you’ll be the talk of Pawnee. image_6 (2)Happy Galentine’s Day, Fangirls!



All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 


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