Black Widow Issue 11

Fangirls, I’m super behind on Black Widow, and for a bit, it’s going to stay that way.  See, I thought Widow was in the subscription box I have at Earthworld, so it wasn’t one I looked for on the shelves.  I was wrong, and ended up buying the three issues I was missing, and then within two weeks, another was released.  For some reason I thought it was on hiatus (which is normally an Image thing), and just wasn’t super concerned with it.  Until I saw a cover, and didn’t recognize it.  But it’s all sorted now!


So in issue 10, a ton happened, including Isaiah getting kidnapped.  In 11, Natasha and Laura Kinney (X-23), have bought information from Tori (Natasha’s usual informant), and are making their way through a casino, trying to get to Isaiah before he is killed by Chaos.

These femmes fatales mean business.

These femmes fatales mean business.

When they get to the room he was supposed to be in, they only find a bomb, and a helicopter leaving.  Laura destroys the helicopter, and Natasha goes inside to help Isaiah, who’s doing a pretty great job of kicking ass without her.  He goes to kill Rashid (a member of Chaos), but she stops him.  Rashid has other plans, and shoots himself in the shoulder (I believe, it’s hard to tell), and falls to what appears to be his death.


The issue ends with Laura, Natasha, and Isaiah heading home, and Natasha puzzling over Rashid’s last words, “They didn’t tell me this part was going to happen.”  Laura tells Natasha not to worry about it, and that’s it.

I love this story.  I love Black Widow in general, but wow do I love this arc.  She’s running about, taking care of business like nobody else can, and worried about her accountant, so she puts everything on hold to save his butt.  It’s great.  But also, she tells both Laura and Isaiah not to kill in this issue, which I find quite fantastic, since she is an assassin.  But she tells Laura not to kill out of rage, and Isaiah not to kill because she needs information.  And that is phenomenal.  Girl knows how to get her jobs done right.


If you haven’t been reading Black Widow, get on it.  If you’re foolish like me, and forgot to put it in your sub box, go double check.  Because this comic is amazing, and something you’ll want to keep picking up.








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