Let’s Talk About Semen: Benefits, Uses, & Myths

In my daily life as a person pretty obsessed with sex research, I don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about semen. Which I recently realized is a damn shame. That stuff is a lot more complex and interesting than one would think. What’s even more interesting, though, is all the hubbub surrounding semen. It has it’s more obvious uses, but then there is this whole host of uses & benefits that claim to be the real deal.

Everyone has heard one thing or another. In a late night sex talk, when being approached for advice. ” I hear that its great for___” or “Do you think jizz really helps ____?” After a conversation full of questions, statements and claims came up the other day, I was determined to debunk all of this craziness. It didn’t seem possible. There are so many myths about sex. After having researched this stuff for quite sometime, I was guaranteed that it would all be nonsense. Though it’s not all entirely proven fact, most answers point to yes when it comes to these so called benefits of semen.

I started by researching the contents of semen. I wanted to know all that’s going on in there other than the sperm itself. First, there’s a whole lot of medical & scientific stuff. Where it travels, and how that effects the contents, the color, things like that. However, what I wanted to really know was the sort of “nutritional facts” of semen. If I had a bottle of semen as if it were a food or drink, when I turned it over, what would be listed as the ingredients? What would be in that table of vitamins & such? It wasn’t long before I found the laundry list make up of sperm.

Among, and within, the liquids it picks up from different glands, vesicles, and the prostate, semen contains all of this:


Wowza. And really, that’s not the complete list. But, this list really does pack a punch, though. Outside of the semen, a lot of these things are widely proven to have all sorts of benefits. Vitamin B12 is known to help regulate the nervous system, improve memory, and is essential for healthy skin, hair, and nails. Melatonin aids tremendously in falling & staying asleep. The last three things on the list (seratonin, oxytocin, and prolactin) are key ingredients for combating depression.

So, when this stuff is all mixed up in semen, does is work the same? Honestly, it seems so. Like everything, some people have different results, but studies show that semen can do extraordinary things beyond knocking you up. For example, people have started to harness something within semen called spermine, which is supposed to be a skin care, anti-aging powerhouse. It’s said to be 30 times more effective than vitamin E on the skin. People are also now selling semen to use in cooking, because of it’s tremendous health benefits. And if you were wondering about the calorie content of sperm, I’ve got that covered too. Pulling together multiple results from the research, there can be anywhere between 1-25 calories per ejaculate. This is what most sources have gathered, but that’s a huge range. It seems that a single, typically sized ejaculate, which is around 3.4 ml, has less than one calorie.

Like with most things, I needed some real hard facts to believe this stuff. I saw articles from Cosmopolitan and things of the like, and wasn’t convinced. But then, I started finding articles from NBC, Women’s Health, and all sorts of online medical journals talking about this stuff, plainly proving that semen can work wonders. So for now, I think it’s safe to go ahead and continue those late night or workplace conversations about all the things that semen can bring about for you. As far as I can tell, they’re not just rumors anymore.


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