Music: Sleigh Bells

ASLEIGHBELLSThis is one of those bands where I discovered them ages ago, listened, loved it, and somehow just stopped listening. Sometimes good stuff gets a bit buried when other good stuff comes along. Regardless, I’ve gotten very much back into this group. A rediscovery, if you will. Their music has been the perfectly unique & fun pick up for some downright sappy winter blues.

Sleigh Bells is kind of like nothing else I’ve ever heard before. They take all of these incredible elements of different things and marry them together, whether or not that shit is legal or not. It’s an obsession worthy relationship. They’ve got all this punky distortion, but they often add it to electronic beats & keyboards, rather than just a chugging guitar or bass line. The guitar instead has a more static distortion, like it’s blaring from a distant or old radio. The percussion is my favorite balance of dynamic, unique and straight forward jam beats. It’s just the purely intense & fun type of drum beats that everyone needs in their life.

The vocals are what really brings it home, though. For some reason, it occured to me the other day that I might like this band a lot less if it had a male vocalist. Maybe that’s wrong to say, but the voice of singer Alexis Krauss adds a dynamic to the music that is the cherry on top of this beautiful sugary mountain. It’s a higher, delicate sort of voice. But paired with the energy of the lush arrangements of the music, it still packs a whopping bunch. It adds a new layer to the songs that take them in a totally different direction. A direction of unexpectedness. You’ve got all of this different elements coming at you, you’re not exactly sure what to expect, but once you’re hearing them all together it just makes so much sense. It creates a sound that is undeniably Sleigh Bells.

For all the epic jams and soaring, badass moods this band has brought me over the last week or so, I’m grateful to have them back in my life again. Just in case you’ve also accidentally buried this band too, or perhaps haven’t had the chance to, go check them out immediately. Don’t make the same mistake I did, leaving me with a void I didn’t know needed filling, and forget about how incredible this group is. Go now, Fangirls. Learn from me, love the living daylight out of this band, and always remember to rock out to them regularly.

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