DIY: Pretty Ping Pong Lights

photo 4 (4)Fangirls, this is probably one of the easiest and most successful DIYs I’ve ever done. It took me almost no time at all, was inexpensive, and looked killer when it was all done. Though, it was a little awkward to go to the check out lane and place 50 ping pong balls, 1 nail, and a string of Christmas lights on the counter. But these pretty lights are worth any sideways glances from a cashier.

I saw lights similar to this once on the internet somewhere. I just wanted to make them right away. All they said that they were made with ping pong balls, and I thought to myself that I could easily figure out how to make those bad boys. And I did. And it was easy. I just needed three things, and I could have myself some pretty ping pong lights.

Join me in the quick & dirty light making, Fangirls. Pick up these things:photo 1 (4)A string of plain white (or colored, if you want) Christmas lights. I bought a string of 100.
50 or 100 ping pong balls
1 large nail

I say 50 or 100 balls because I chose to get fifty and put one on every other light, but you could definitely buy enough to place them on every light. To place the balls on the lights, get your nail. Now, I wish I could be more helpful with the title of this nail. But the tag at Home Depot, and the woman at the register, told me that it was just called a Galvanized Common Nail. So, that’s what you want to pick up at the hardware store. It’s a few inches long, and has a diameter thick enough to fit a light through. Once you’ve got your nail, grab a ping pong ball, and poke it right through. The balls I bought had logos on them, so I poked it right through the logo so that wouldn’t show. photo 2 (4)Once you’ve poked holes in all of the balls you need, simply poke the bulbs of the lights through the hole. If you’re nail was a good sized, it should poke right in there securely.

photo 3 (4)Place all the balls on the bulbs, then set it up, plug it in, and you’ve got yourself some damn pretty lights, Fangirls. Not half bad for $20 and 20 minutes.

photo 5 (3)Happy DIYing!


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