Lush’s Heart Throb Bubbleroon

Happy late Valentine’s Day, Fangirls! Since this was my first year without a Valentine in awhile, I decided to be my own Valentine, and ordered myself a couple Lush Bubble Bars, and took a dip in one of them, the Heart Throb, last night. I had read online that instead of just splitting your Bubbleroons in half, you can cut them into quarters and get even more baths out of them! So that’s what I did with my Heart Throb, and I loved it.


When I took the Heart Throb out of its package, I was a bit taken aback by the scent. It’s a strong herbal scent that overpowered me. I was a bit nervous about being surrounded by it in the tub, because it’s not a scent I would go for. I crumbled a quarter of it into the tub, and was very happy that I didn’t get punched in the face with the smell. I actually didn’t smell anything, so I put some melon scented bath confetti in, and it was heavenly.


Since it was my first time using just a quarter of the Bubbleroon, I was worried that I wouldn’t get a strong color. Thankfully, I was incredibly wrong. The pigment in this Bubbleroon was amazing; it was a deep peach, and I was really excited. My mum actually interrupted my soak, and I told her to check the color out, I felt like I was soaking in the blood of my enemies. It was powerful.


I have a darker sense of humor, Fangirls, so please notice that the color of the water is far to light to be blood. But a girl can dream, right? I loved this Bubbleroon and am really excited to use it more. If you want one, today may be the last day you can get it for awhile because it is a Valentine’s Day special Bubbleroon, so get on it!

I highly recommend this, and am excited to try to mix it with a scented Bomb, because I couldn’t smell anything in my soak (until I added the confetti). Definitely go grab one or three, if they’re even still in stock! If not, they go on sale at the end of January, so be ready.









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