Elektra #9

4269656-elektra2014009_dc11-0Gosh, this series is intense, Fangirls. Every issue is jam packed with the weight of Elektra’s soul, not to mention whatever situation is at hand. Reading this series gets heavy, but it feels worth it. I had to mentally prepare to read this issue, knowing that after issue #8 left us with a giant dragon & the Hand, this wasn’t going to be a smooth sailing issue. It was surely an interesting ride.

After the dragon comes and swoops up Bullseye with the Hand, Elektra and S.H.I.E.L.D. director Maria Hill must go to find where they took him. We find them somewhere in Florida, discussing options with a witch. We discover that the answer to dragons is dragons. The witch, Jennifer, has Elektra eat a dragon heart, which takes her through an emotional journey, eventually leading her to a portal. The journey involves daredevil, whom she had a romantic relationship with, leaving her to go to San Francisco. He asks her to come with her, but she says no. He then admits that he doesn’t love her the way she loves him. At this point the which says that she can hear Elektra’s heartbreak, but that she’s grieved enough to get through the portal. backgroundThe portal takes Elektra right where the Hand has Bullseye, bathing him in some revitalizing pool. Suddenly, someone speaks to Elektra. In her mind. It’s the dragon that stole Bullseye away, she can hear his thoughts. He tells her that as long as she has the dragon heart, she can hear is thoughts and make him do what she wants. He wants to help her, he says the Hand treats him like a slave. So suddenly, Elektra & the dragon are up against the ninjas of the hand. The two leaders, brothers, are in the middle holding Bullseye in the water. One brother goes to fight Elektra while the other tries to get Bullseye to health as much as possible. Elektra goes up against the brother, who reveals he is the son of death, but he is no match for her. She doesn’t kill him, but injures him and removes the jaw from his skeleton face. Elektra takes off with Bullseye, riding the dragon, and while flying through the air, she kind of crashes into some old friends.

She finds Kento & Cape Crow, and immediately asks Kento for some help. She asks him to take a trip with her, into Bullseye’s mind. Oh boy, Fangirls. Issue #10 is going to be some kind of intense.


All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 


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