The Walking Dead: “Them”

walking-dead-season-5-episode-2-michonne-carlThis episode almost felt like a filler episode, full of not much action but a lot of emotional depth. So, by no means was it boring! Admittedly though, this article is likely to be a short read!

The group trudges on to Washington DC after the decision made by Rick and Michonne to go there anyway because they figure Eugene was onto something, even if he was lying about a cure.

The progress is slow as the group leap frogs cars that run out of gas and run low on food and water. In this episode we see the group become more run down than we ever really have as the temperatures soar.

We see Maggie and Sasha dealing with their losses in this episode in different ways. Maggie turns inward where as Sasha turns out and risks the safety of the group in their weakened state when she engages walkers that the group was tricking into falling over a ravine. Rick almost got bit, and it was terrifying but, he was saved by Daryl.

Daryl-and-Rick-in-Second-Half-of-Walking-Dead-Season-5-1417407652Notably, we get to see Daryl deal with the loss of Beth a little more than we have so far. He excuses himself to the woods in order to “look for water” but sits down with a cigarette and begins to cry hard about Beth, which was actually really touching that he connected with someone on a different level in the group only to have her taken away.

Later in the episode, the group comes upon a lot of water grouped together in the road with a note that says “From a Friend.” Not only do they not trust the water but, they now know that they are being watched. The water problem is solved when the sky opens up at that moment, and vitality returns to the group. Their problem with food had been solved earlier when a pack of (now) wild dogs crossed paths with the group and bared their teeth. Sashsa put them down and the group had a meal, albeit a small and questionable one.

They hide out in a barn while the rain rages on and Rick gives a fantastic speech about how they are “the walking dead” which wasn’t just a silly name drop. The night ends with the entire group having to hold back the barn doors as a large hoard of walkers is outside trying to get in. In the morning, they find that a large tree fell on the walkers in the night.

Sasha and Maggie go to watch the sunrise and share a moment that they really needed to get past their grief a little more fully. As they sit there, a man named Aaron approaches them to which they point their guns at him. He explains that he is “a friend.” We will see just whether or not he is trustworthy in the next episode!

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