Cyclops #8

STK657875Well, Fangirls, it has been a while since we’ve checked up on our teenage eye laser friend. When we last saw him, things weren’t going the best. He had been adopted into the crew of his rival ship, where his father is now being kept prisoner. He’s now being left to figure out how to not be a suspicious member of the crew, and how to rescue his father & himself. Of course, that’s not easy. Especially when you might not exactly want to.

When we left off, Cyclops & the crew were getting ready to storm a medical supply ship, grab everything they could, and kill anyone who got in the way. Scott was hella nervous, and that only intensified when they see the Shi’ar, an extra deadly type of space soldier. It turns out Cyclops’ real enemy is his on his crew though. Zebble, the same guy that gave him trouble before, has decided to get back in his face. Suddenly, they’re going at it again. Cyclops goes to hit him with his laser, but it doesn’t work as well as he wants. Then, a sword goes through Zebble’s back. One of Scott’s other crew members has taken care of the job for him. He tells Scott that though he’s new, he’s part of the crew, and Zebble is being a real dick. So, now that problem is taken care of.

While up against Zebble, they discovered what Malafect is looking for aboard this plane. Its not clear what it is, but it’s large and looks like a good bounty to have collected. Corsair later reveals that it’s extra good, extra scary bounty. It’s something that can blow stuff up. Not just any stuff, though. He says he can blow up a star, an entire solar system. Holy cow. What Scott is more concerned with at this time is his feelings toward the raid they had for this thing. He reveals to his dad that he really liked it, and clearly feels guilty doing so. But his father assures him that its normal to enjoy it. However, before their conversation can get too far, Malafect shows up. Scott quickly covers that he was questioning Corsair, but not receiving any results. Malafect insists that he can show Scott some results, and points his very large weapon right at Corsair. Uh oh.

Corsair’s fate shall be learned in issue #9. I’m still enjoying this series a lot, but I am getting a little bored of Scott being on this ship. The last few issues have been very similar. I think he’s been here long enough. I’m ready for some action to go down, Scott & Corsair to get off this ship, and move along to another adventure. I know they have it in them to break out of this thing in some epic way, and I’m ready to see it. Fingers crossed the next few issues deliver that to us.


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