The Flash: “Fallout”

the-flashSo this episode actually picks up right where the last one left off in the fact that it starts with Barry and Caitlin investigating the explosion from the separation of Ronnie and Dr. Stein and find that it was a success!General Eiling investigates the crater left by Ronnie and Stein’s explosion, and realizes that Firestorm has separated. But, they were all gone before he ever got there.

Joe shows Barry the images from the night his mother was killed, and Barry learns that a future version of himself was there trying to save his mother. He realizes that maxresdefaulthe is destined to fail, which kind of goes with what I was saying about how he will go through some crisis in realizing he didn’t save her. And, just like I predicted, he’s determined to use those images to know “what not to do” and save his mom. He does acknowledge that might be dangerous, which is at least good that he knows hes probably doing something dumb.

Barry talks to Dr. Stein and learns about the possibility of time travel and also finds that Dr. Stein is exhibiting some of Barry’s behavior, and through a few different moments, it becomes clear that Ronnie and Dr. Stein are still linked mentally. Their brain waves are perfectly in sync which is impossible.

Dr. Wells visits General Eiling, who reveals that he knows Barry is the Flash and that he wants the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. project. Well, shit. It seems that he saw Barry’s face when he pulled down his mask to run Plastique out of the city. Dr. Wells gives up Dr. Stein,who was hiding out at STAR Labs and he is then tortured by Eiling until Ronnie shows to save him. Ronnie has the quantum splicer in order to possibly be able to reunite him and Dr. Stein in order to break him out.

Long story short, they are forced to reunite into Firestorm in order to survive the military onslaught that Eiling brings down on their heads. Merging properly this time, Ronnie and Dr. Stein work together to control the Firestorm Matrix. They gain enough control to be able to merge and separate on command because this time, they accepted the merge rather than in being an accident. It’s pretty badass actually, to see them in full control and be able to interact with their loved ones as they wish. Barry is a bit indisposed running to make a vacuum in order to make a special chemical agent that Eiling threw on him that cannot be put out by conventional means. This was not the only special thing he had to neutralize Barry, the other being a grenade that explodes into needles that are attracted to kinetic energy namely, Barry.

Ronnie and Dr. Steain decide to leave Central City to stay ahead of Eiling and learn more about their new powers. They merge once again and fly off into the sunset, but that is pretty awesome that they are in control now!

cw-s-the-flash-harrison-wells-reverse-flash-explained-wells-and-the-suitThe Reverse-Flash kidnaps Eiling and brings him to the sewers. He stops vibrating his face like he had been since his appearance and brings down his mask and shows himself to be Dr. Wells, which finally answers the question once and for all of “is he or isn’t he?” There was a lot of evidence piling up against him but, I still maintain the Eddie has something to do with the Reverse Flash because of his last name, Thawne. Dr. Wells allows Grodd who is displaying psychic abilities in the fact that Eiling can hear Grodd’s voice in his head. Grodd drags Eiling deeper into the sewer, closing the episode and leaving my jaw on the floor with how much cool stuff happened!

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