Nerds Gotta Drink: She-Hulk Shot

Fangirls, I love She-Hulk.  It’s a phenomenal comic; it’s fun, intense, and She-Hulk does a lot of great things.  But do you remember that night she partied with Patsy?  That made me want to make a drink dedicated to her.  So I made the She-Hulk Shot.


So, the drink.  It’s quite simple, really.  I used a big shot glass (I think it can hold 4 shots?  I don’t actually know), and poured one shot of grape juice, then one shot of sour apple pucker into it.  That was it.  It’s a 1:1 ratio, if you’re making a larger drink (for those of us who are heavyweights).


It’s tasty, Fangirls.  I had grape juice, and knew I wanted to do something with the Shulkie, so I tried it with red berry vodka.  Fangirls, don’t do that to yourselves.  You deserve far better than that, so just stay faaar away from that combination.  But this one is great.


I definitely thought it was going to taste a little funky, but I tossed it back, and fell in love.  It’s sweet, Fangirls, damn sweet.  But there’s nothing wrong with sweet, right?  Right.

So try it (if you’re 21+).  If not, I hope your birthday is coming up soon, so you can get your hands on this bad girl.








All images, recipes, and characters are copyright of their respective owners.  Please drink responsibly.


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