Ms. Marvel #10

STK655085Oh, Fangirls. I know I say it every time, but this series just gets better & better with each issue. The on point humor and incredibly real & inspiring undertones marry together in an irresistible way that is only getting better with age. 10 issues in, and I’m just as giddy at the end of every issue as I was with the first. Especially after an issue like this, one which kicks ass, takes names, and still makes you feel all warm & fuzzy.

We left off with a big giant “huh?” moment in issue #9. After infiltrating the house where the Inventor does a lot of his “work” (aka teenager harvesting) Ms. Marvel finds some very, very surprising information. The teens inside, subjects of the Inventor, tell her that they are there voluntarily. Whaa? This calls for some serious clarification; luckily issue #10 delivers it to us right away.

For these kids, the Inventor has brought to light the serious trouble that the planet is in. Energy shortage, melting ice caps, etc. Bodies, especially growing teenage ones, make bunches of things that can help. We produce energy, body heat, & electrical fields, all of which can be harnessed to supply the shortages happening worldwide. This gives a purpose to the generation that the rest of humankind thinks is worthless. This is all the theory of the Inventor, and these kids have bought it right up. They paint this as a great thing, of course. They feel like they can’t do a damn thing, but according to the Inventor, you can be hooked up to all sorts of machines, drained, and save the whole gosh darn world. Ms. Marvel obviously doesn’t buy this. She gives a rousing speech to these teens, her peers, and tells them all that they are worth more than what their body is producing. They have skills which can benefit this world more than their natural resources can. And just like that, Ms. Marvel has recruited an army of rad teens who know exactly how to kick the Inventor’s butt. photo 1 (3)Along with the harvesting of kids, the disrupting of all of Jersey City, and coming after the lovable & innocent Ms. Marvel, the Inventor has added more fuel to the fire. Before Ms. Marvel rallied up her army of teens to go after the Inventor, he took Lockjaw. Which broke my heart into a million pieces, only repairable with justice.

photo 2 (3)So then, it’s ass kicking time. The group of teenagers help Ms. Marvel break into the Inventor’s lair. They know the ins & outs of his whole operation, so they know just how to help her out. Up a few vents, through a glass ceiling, and Ms. Marvel is face to face with the Inventor once again. Just before flying down from the ceiling, though, she over hears him talking about his real plans. Of course, all this energy harvesting stuff is total bullshit. From the sounds of it, he’s planning to eradicate the teenage race as a whole. Hell no, Inventor. Not while Ms. Marvel’s in town. She falls from the ceiling, demanding her dog and all the kids that he still has in his possession. Then, her back up enters the scene. All of the teens she banded together, plus a whole lot of the Inventor’s own giant, dangerous equipment. He asks how they plan to stop him. They answer by initiating their giant robot’s “Mass Smackdown Sequence.” Then, he asks one more question. Gesturing up, he asks what they’re going to do about “them”? We then see a giant, towering wall of kids suspended in tubes, full of blue stuff, hooked up to all sorts of things. photo 3 (2)How Ms. Marvel & her new team of ass kicking teenagers will tackle this awaits in issue #11. For now, we’ll just have to cherish the past 10 issues as we have been. This issue was a spectacle of action & passion. It sent a fantastic and inspiring as hell message about views on the newer generation. As someone who is very bothered by the clueless, distracted portrait that is painted of the younger generation, I felt empowered by the unity Ms. Marvel inspired. That is why I adore this comic. Among the suspenseful action and the perfect sense of humor, lies some down right handy life lessons.

Thanks, Ms. Marvel. Here’s to hoping that in issue #11, you’ll kick the Inventor’s butt and be reunited with the one & only Lockjaw.









All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 

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