Feminerd: Women in the White House


It seems as though the minute 2015 arrived, all the election talk didn’t skip a beat. November of 2016 will bring about a presidential election, one that has a few different elements; Women. Yes, women have run from president before, but I’m noticing that there is something different about the women running in this election. Or rather, about the attitudes surrounding them. 

To me, it seems that in the past, women running for an office that big have never been taken very seriously. Many of them have become huge jokes, during and after their candidacy. I don’t think anyone ever believed Michelle Bachman would get anywhere. Sarah Palin is a national laughing stock, the subject of countless parodies & impressions. Regardless of their views or plans for their potential presidency, these women are always disrespected & never taken seriously. Unfortunately, it’s absolutely no surprise to me. What is coming as a surprise is these attitudes changing.

Surely, we’re early in the race. There’s not yet enough hubbub to really decide how women are being treated in this race, but I can already sense a shift in the air. It’s a slight one, for sure, but I’m holding on tight to any ounce of positive change. So far, there’s been more talk in general about the women running (or rumored to be running) that focuses more on them & their views rather than wrongly criticizing them. Of course, all candidates are subject to critique, that’s the whole point. However, when women are up on that podium, there seems to be a magnifying glass on everything they say, wear, or do. Everything they do is taken in some sort of humorous way, like you’re watching a dog walk on it’s hind legs. “Look at it try to do this” But this campaign, people seem to be taking these women, their views, and their plans just as seriously as all the rest. In fact, Hillary Clinton seems to be one of the only candidates that is being taken completely seriously. 27CclintonB

It all makes me think hard about what it would be like to have a woman president. Honestly, it doesn’t even seem possible a lot of the time. That’s no way to think, though. And the times may be proving me wrong. I’ve heard more talk on NPR about Hillary Clinton & Elizabeth Warren, then Jeb Bush or Chris Christie. For the first time, I think a woman in the White House will more seriously be considered. As of now, their are 7 women that are confirmed, formally exploring, or publicly expressed interest in the 2016 presidential election. I’m pretty damn happy about that number. But mostly, I’m nervous as all heck about what will become of them among the other male candidates, in the eyes of the media, and of the American people.

Go get ’em, girls.


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