Not So Sirius’ Felix Felicis Bath Bomb

I’ve gone from, I guess I’ll try bath bombs, to wow this is the only present I ever want to receive for the rest of my life, in about a month.  I’m comfortable saying that I have an addiction to bath bombs, and that’s just my life now.  I take more than one bath a week, and I’m quite pleased that my skin hasn’t turned into lizard scales because of hot baths and cold weather.  This time I tried a bath bomb not from a big company, but from an independent person on Etsy, the Not So Sirius Apothecary.


It’s a neat shop; they’ve got all sorts of nerd themed bath stuff, which is way up my alley, and I’m sure that goes for a ton of you as well!  It was really nice, getting some bath bombs that were Harry Potter themed, and liquid luck, no less!  I was very excited to pop on some HP and take a nice soak.


When I dropped the Felix Felicis into my tub, it started fizzing like crazy, and immediately released a fantastic scent; citrus-y and sweet.  I fell in love with the smell, and when I got in, I did feel like I could accomplish anything.  Like Harry, I was a bit loopy and overly happy when I got out, but I think that’s mostly because the bath got me all relaxed for bed.


I hate to say it, Fangirls, but there were a couple negatives to using this bomb.  First of all, Felix Felicis turns the water yellow.  I expected this, but it kind of looked like a tub full of urine.  That wasn’t a big deal, it made me giggle while taking pictures more than anything else.  The other thing is, the yellow water left a ring of yellow residue around my tub basin.  Again, this isn’t a big deal: the ring washed off with the shower the next morning.  Just be aware that it may happen to you.


Overall, this bath was phenomenal.  And the best part?  You get two bombs with your purchase.  So definitely check out the shop, it’s inexpensive, they ship quickly, and the bombs work really well!  Plus they have stuff other than Harry Potter, like Princess Bride.  Check them out, and grab some bombs.









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