Batwoman #35

Batwoman-35I’m not sure where we are, Fangirls. I don’t know what is going on. I don’t know what DC has done with my Batwoman. It’s issue #35, we’re in space, and I can’t follow anything. I’m trying to mourn the impending end of this series, and they’re not giving me much to hang on to.

This issue has completely abandoned the story we left off on in issue #34. Kate Kane had just been starting to get seduced by Nocturna, and all of a sudden we’re in space. It’s the future, and there’s all of these weird people and team-ups happening. This issue happens after the Future’s End special, so that’s maybe why things are so weird. Beth, Kate’s sister is there, both in really ugly space suits. There’s also Clayface, someone named Rory, and Ragman. They’re fighting Morgan Le Fey and Etrigan over a very glowy green stone. I’ll be honest, this article is extremely tough to write because I have no idea what was happening in this issue, Fangirls. Everything was so vague and back & forth and the plot was very unclear. I read the issue through twice, going back time & again to read dialogue or look at a panel. I still just didn’t get it.Mystery-in-SpaceAt the end of the issue, the fight doesn’t seem to be over but Batwoman has had enough. They get back to a spaceship type vessel and make a plan to plunge back into Earth’s atmosphere. They form a ball together, with a layer of Rory’s magic cloak and Clayface around all of them, hoping to safely enter the atmosphere. The issue ends there, not knowing their fate. At the bottom of the page reads “Next: How in the Hell We Got Here!” So, I’m hoping hard that issue #36 will reveal what the hell is going on, because heaven knows we need some clarification. But who knows, the next issue could land us on a completely different planet, on a different universe. Hell, Batwoman may not even be there.

I don’t know what to expect from this comic anymore, Fangirls. But surely, it’s not anything I enjoy. Once, this series was the beloved of my Fangirl heart. Though I still adore Batwoman’s character, the series she has been placed in is becoming something just downright awful. I hate to say it, but maybe it’s for the best that this series ends next month. I’m hoping hard that something much better than random, confusing space fights will be in Batwoman’s future.

Fingers crossed that issue #36 will soothe some of my frustration.








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