Appdicted: Switch&Drop

When I downloaded this app, Fangirls, I was expecting just another Tetris wannabe.  I was wrong.


Switch&Drop is a relatively simple game: lines of blocks are falling, match them as best you can to the lines prior to get sections of three or more.  When you have the three (or more), they disappear, making room for more blocks.  Like Tetris, there are falling blocks.  But the similarities pretty much stop there.  The goal is not always to last as long as possible; it’s usually points.  Gain a certain number of points within a time or line limit to pass the level.  The more extra lines you have at the end, the higher your score and the closer you get to a three star score.


Seems pretty easy, right?  Well it is!  At first, anyways.  As the game progresses, you get new challenges, like grey blocks at the bottom that have to be destroyed, or frozen blocks that need to be matched with a falling block to be destroyed.  There are green lines to slim your pile down to, time limits, and all sorts of fun things!


Now, I’m only on level 20.  I would be further, but level 21 is locked because I haven’t gotten 3 stars on everything.  See how the above house is completely filled in?  Now check out how blank this bus stop looks.


It’s at 86%, but is clearly missing a lot.  The only way to continue on with the game is to get 3 stars on all of the levels.  That is a bit frustrating, but the game is so dang addicting, that it’s no problem repeatedly playing levels.  Plus as long as you beat a level with 1 star, you don’t lose a life.

This is a great game, Fangirls.  It’s fun and a relatively simple idea, and incredibly addicting.  I definitely recommend it to all of you.  And why not?  It’s totally free.







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