Let’s Talk About: The Sex Game Book

108638This past weekend in a bookstore adventure, I stumbled upon this brilliant book. Good books about sex are hard to find. They’re either super scientific, very silly and/or not very accurate, specifically focused on one thing, or just non existent. However, this book covers so many bases, in so many funny & informative ways, that I have to put it down because it’s so overwhelmingly good.

The Sex Game Book is a beautifully crafted & interesting book made to inform you and test your knowledge. It’s a wet dream for someone like me, who is both obsessed with random facts & sexuality. It combines the two into an irresistible marriage. Plus, it’s fantastically interactive. It features quizzes, games, and fact questions at the bottom of every page. They use really cool & eye catching formats, that raise the fun factor all the way to the roof.

image_2And as a super bonus, this book is well written, informative & even accurate. What a concept. It covers so fucking many topics. I mean, take a look at this table of contents. That’s some tiny font and a big ol’ list.

image_1The best part is, it’s not overwhelming at all. They cover a huge amount of sex related everything, without it being to dense. It doesn’t necessarily take a scientific approach, but it doesn’t come completely from a funny pop culture viewpoint either. It damn near perfectly takes a route between the two. They talk about the inner workings of the female orgasms and the science of sexual chemistry, but also about stripteases, lingerie, and Rocky Horror Picture Show. The book actually focuses a lot on film, and its aid in the creation of sexuality in pop culture. They talk about specific films and exactly how they effected social actions & opinions on sex & sexuality. It’s fucking fascinating.

image_5This book is also damn fun to play with. There are so many games and quizzes to play around with, it’s endless fun. There are picture quizzes with things like celebrity abs, and each page has a question at the bottom that is answered on the following page. With nearly 350 pages of content, there’s plenty to feed your brain with, or even test your knowledge if you fancy yourself a sex fact guru.

image_3My point is, Fangirls, this book is absolutely brilliant. I want all sex education books to be this entertaining. With such a vast topic as sexuality, it is sometimes tough to get it across in a totally amusing way. Surely, sex is fun to talk about, but it’s hard to get both scientific and stimulating. This book is a champion at that balance. The texts about each of the many topics is no more than a few paragraphs, but gives you so much to enjoy and hold on to.

The bottom line is that I’m thrilled to have this on my bookshelf, Fangirls. So quit reading this article, head to your local bookstore or retail website, and snatch this read up. Then, tell me how you did on the Chests: Whose Are These? game on page 216, because I got a perfect score, y’all.


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