She-Hulk #10


Well, well, Fangirls. These last few issues have been pretty damn interesting & intense with Cap on trial. This issue is the best yet, though. Truths are revealed, the head to head battle between Matt Murdoch & Jennifer Walters rages on. This whole conflict comes to suspenseful ending, resolving Steve Rogers’ past once & for all. 

Last issue ended with every one thinking Cap had thrown himself under the bus. Murdoch gave his presentation, and Steve agreed with all of it, stating that it was all true. Yet, at the start of this issue, he says that despite it being true, it does not make him guilty. The story is correct, but there is a whole lot missing.

So Steve goes on to tell the story how it really goes, with all the details. Turns out Harry had left out some pretty big parts. As we knew, Sam & Steve went to see Harry at this weird warehouse. Steve tells us that they went to see if he was okay because the family hadn’t heard from him in some time. When they arrived in Los Angeles at this warehouse, it turns out to be a secret base for Nazi activity. Harry had been recruited by them to serve the Germans. Sam & Steve are talking to Harry outside when someone comes out and spots them, like we had seen before. What was different in this version, were the details of this situation. Harry said that Steve kept running his mouth, so they killed Sam. But what really happened was that Steve was arguing with this weird robot Nazi, telling him what the Nazis had coming to them, trying to save the other two  from being killed. He was trying to bother this Nazi robot so that he would kill him and not the others. But, the robot Nazi thought that Steve was weak, so he killed the “strong one”, Sam. photo 3 (3)The robot would have killed Steve & Harry, too, but the FBI swooped in and shut down the Nazi group. One of them talks to Steve afterward. Telling him he’s brave enough to fight 10 wars, and that he should enlist. He tells him that he knows a guy that is working on a new project where they’re looking more for brains, not muscle. It’s clear what he’s talking about. This is the dawn of Steve becoming Captain America. However, none of this could be revealed because it was classified information. Because of the involvement with the FBI and the Nazis, this information isn’t free for the jury to use. But now that Jennifer has learned this information, she can still use it to power through the rest of the case.

Which she does, of course. Once the trial is over with, more gets revealed about it. Steve stops being so secretive and tells Matt & Jennifer the truth about everything. It turns out that Cap was being blackmailed about this by an old foe, and needed the right people to help him out. He wanted Matt to defend Harry so that it would be an honest, fair trial. And he wanted Jennifer so he could still win, obviously.

So now, all Captain’s drama has settled. Though we still don’t know why he is so old looking. Maybe someday I’ll get the answers. For now, a new journey seems to be starting for She Hulk. Upon returning to her office in New York, she finds someone at her desk, blue file in hand. photo 4 (2)Now, Fangirls, forgive me for not knowing who this is. I’m not certain if we’re supposed to know who it is right away. Either way, issue #11 will certainly give me the answers I need. Except the ones about wrinkly old Cap…



All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 


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