Feminerd: Dove

Fangirls, Dove soap has been doing some lovely things.  They’ve got a video about curly hair, and loving it.  That video made me cry.  It features some very young girls saying that they wish they had straight hair instead of their curls, and that some even feel like ripping their hair out.

The commercial ends with the little girls being brought into a room where a band and their mothers (I’m assuming) are singing a song about how they love their curls.  It’s phenomenal.  When I went to youtube to look this video up, I played it, and a whole bunch of other positive videos.  One of them is an older video that I remember watching in high school about the editing and changes that are used on images of women in advertisements.

Dove’s series of videos that I ended up watching made me cry.  They were all so positive, and supportive of women, which is something that is being seen more and more frequently.  It’s terrifying to realize how poorly so many people feel about themselves.  They pointed out that when young women don’t feel beautiful, they stop being a part of their own lives, and withdraw.  Their goal is to help girls grow up and into their potential.  It’s inspiring.

One of the most recent videos is from a campaign Dove is starting, called #speakbeautiful.  They released the video below, with some incredibly painful statistics, namely that over 5 million negative beauty tweets were sent out last year by women.  These were tweets about the self, and other women.  The video is a call to action.  We need to be proud of who we are, and what we look like, and remind other women that they are beautiful too.

Dove is asking us to support ourselves and each other with #speakbeautiful.  I challenge everyone of you to post at least one #speakbeautiful tweet, whether it’s about yourself, a friend, a family member, whoever.  Appreciate the beauty you have, and that of others around you.  I understand that it can be very difficult to take pride in who you are, but you deserve to.

This being said, remember that Dove is owned by Unilever, who also makes ads for Axe spray, where women are throwing themselves at men.  Take it how you will, but remember that you are beautiful, inside and out.










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