Music: Kind Cousin // “Do You Care”


I have a buddy that comes into my workplace just about everyday. She has superb taste in tunes and is always feeding me fantastic bands that have yet to grace my ears. This past week, she told me about Kind Cousin. I quickly fell in love at the first track I heard, and found that it was hard for me to move past it. “Do You Care” is a shimmering dose of 60’s pop goodness that I can’t seem to stray from. 

I mean, I think it’s getting a little out of hand. I’ve been looping this song while doing work around the house, driving to & from work, everything. Endless “Do You Care.” But I’m perfectly okay with keeping it going as long as this track keeps me giddy with it’s early pop sensibility & pounding percussion.

I thought this song, and the band as a whole, was going to go in a totally different direction with the introduction to this song. A murmuring synth trembles while a simple guitar enters, along with the vocals of Allison Bohl DeHart. Simple & flowing harmonies, swelling up until a slamming beat arrives out of nowhere. It’s a brilliant introduction. The song jumps into nothing I expected, but everything I adore. Gorgeous vocals, very inspired by the female pop groups of the 50’s & 60’s. A lot of the music seems to stem from that era, but something about it brings it into this age. The percussion pops & smacks, making for a fantastic beat to pair with the bright vocals. The melody swings from happy major tones, to more dark minor ones. It’s a beautiful dynamic that really makes the whole track. The tone of DeHart’s voice is another thing that adds another captivating layer to the music. I could see how some people might not like it, but I personally eat it right up. It’s got a child like quality, like something of Joanna Newsom. Yet, it stills packs a mature punch. It’s just a damn perfect match for the sound of the song.

I assure you that the rest of Kind Cousin’s music is just as delightful, but I can’t seem to shake this song. One of these days I’ll adore the rest of her debut album Tremendous Hem, but for now it’s “Do You Care” for days. Go love up Kind Cousin, Fangirls, and I’ll pass along our thanks to my buddy at work.









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