Once a Beach, Always a Beach Soap Sample from Fortune Cookie Soap

Fangirls, I love soap.  I love buying soap from etsy, from small companies, big companies, people at craft fairs, I just really enjoy soap.  So when I saw that Fortune Cookie Soap sells a random soap sampler, for incredibly cheap ($9.95!), of course I was into it.  I figured that I would talk about each of them as I go through them!


The first one I tried out was Once A Beach, Always a Beach.  I was really excited for how beachy it smelled, especially since it’s so dang cold out right now.  I’m not a huge fan of winter (or beaches, to be honest), but I really like the stereotypical beach scent.



It’s a great color, and the lather is a nice light blue, and I loved that I felt like I was on a beach without the gross sand.  Heck yeah.  The scent was also a bit musky, which is great, because I’m a huge fan of dude scents, but they seem to be a bit overpowering, so this was a nice medium.

Since this is from a sample pack, the soaps are rather small.  That’s totally okay, because that just means I get to try a whole bunch of scents before I get bored of them (I don’t think I’ll get bored of this scent, I actually miss it already).  It did last for five showers and two hand washes though, which was more than I expected.  Online it says that they tend to last about 4 washes, so I was pumped that it lasted so long.


I fell in love with this scent, and since the soap made my skin feel so nice, it was definitely the whole package.  It worked so well with shaving (made my body so soft, holy crap), and is such a great size.  I realized that it’d be perfect for travel soap (but I wouldn’t be able to leave it behind if I hadn’t used it all).

I also noticed that it paired really well with Bath & Body Works’ Sea Island Cotton, because they’re both such nice, clean scents.

So Fangirls, go grab a sample pack or some Once a Beach, Always a Beach soap, and prepare to fall in love.







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