Harley Quinn Issue 14 & Valentine Special

Fangirls, we all know how much I love Harley.  Last month was actually DC Comic’s Harley Quinn Month (as she knows all about the madness of love), and they did a couple sweet giveaways.  More importantly, though, Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner did a Valentine’s Day special for our lovely Miss Quinn.  But we’ll get to that in a bit.


In issue 14, Harley has a really bad day.  I felt really bad for after reading it both times.  She gets up after a night of partying (from the looks of it, anyways), starts to shower, and finds out that there’s no hot water.  She goes downstairs to find that their water heater burst in the night.  Mason and Tony are working to clean up, but they’ll need a new one.  Mason invites her to dinner, which is good;she needs to get out.


On her way upstairs (to answer her phone), she’s told about electrical problems that a tenant is having, and also finds out that her pets are running low on food.  Sheesh!  When she gets to her phone, she sees that it’s work calling, and that her first appointment is in an hour, so she better hustle!  On her way to work, she sees a granny getting robbed, and promises to get back the big jerks who stole her purse.

She gets to work just in time, and finds out that she has to stay late, and can’t go on her date with Mason.  She also learns that her first appointment has a “secret lifestyle” that isn’t all that secret.  She gives him some treatment, and goes to the nurses station, looking for her next appointment.  When she heads to her patient’s room, she finds her on the floor with no pulse.  Harley gives her the kiss of life, and gets her breathing again.  Exhausted, she takes a little nap that turns into a nightmare with the Joker.  When she wakes, she realizes that she hasn’t called Mason, so she does so and apologizes.


Moments later, she gets a call from her skate club girls, telling her she’s got 15 minutes before her bout.  Shoot.  The nurse (who is in love with her) offers to cover for her, so Harley books it to the rink.  After the bout, Harley and the girls run into Mason and his mother, who are both very disappointed in her not showing up.  All does not end well for Harley in this issue.  Hopefully she can explain it to them in issue 15.


Her Valentine Special is quite the opposite story, though.  In it, she steals money from a jerk who got money from a bunch of poor people so she can take millionaire Bruce Wayne out on a date.  She daydreams of what it’d be like to be married to such a man, and wins the auction.  Unfortunately, somebody else wants the money.


A new villain, The Carp, (and his sidekick, Sea Robin) show up at the gala to steal everyone’s money.  They kidnap Bruce Wayne and hold him for ransom.  While Harley gets ready to take them down (with some help from Poison Ivy), Wayne is talking The Carp down, explaining that if he is released, he will make sure that The Carp gets a grant from the Wayne foundation, so he can help all the fish he wants to.  Right as they come to an agreement, Harley bursts in, kicking butt and spraying one of Ivy’s toxins all over.


Harley gets her date with Bruce, and at the end of it, plants a big smooch on him.  She goes home, only to be tailed by Batman, who thanks her for her help with taking down the rich jerk, and also for not being in Gotham as much anymore.  He reminds her that he still has his eye on her, and right before he disappears into the dark, she steals a kiss from him, and tells him he’s not as good as Bruce Wayne.  Girl is living the dream.



Fangirls, you should be reading this series.  I know a lot of people are put off by Harley’s new look, but her attitude is stellar, and she really deserves a chance.  Check it out, issue 15 comes out this Wednesday!









All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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