The Walking Dead: “Remember”

ba35adae-b271-b34b-88a1-187b5ed34c8btwd512gp09240056jpg-1ddbf6_624wSo, Rick and the group enter the Alexandria, the safe community promised by Aaron. They are asked to surrender their weapons if they intend to stay and Rick once again expresses his uncertainty of their stay there. Aaron suggests he meet Alexandria’s leader, Deanna.“WHO’S DEANNA!?” Abraham loudly chimes in. She interviews Rick and the group, and we see their tapes as the episode goes on. She tells him about how she used to be an Ohio congresswoman, and tells her story. Rick eventually opens up and tells her that he was a Sheriff. She notices that Rick has already started to care for her people when he warns her to keep her doors closed to outsiders….or he was low key threatening her, it seems everyone is still a little unsure.

The group hesitantly surrender their weapons and Carol begins to pull something brilliant….she pretends to be clumsy in setting down her gun, and later when we see her interview, she lies and say she wasn’t of much use to the group and even said that she misses Ed sometimes.

Not their mansions, just a nice shot of Alexandria
Not their mansions, just a nice shot of Alexandria

Rick and Carl are taken near two mansions just next to each other suggesting that they have been given to the group to live in. While the rest of the group tentatively settle down, Rick showers and after looking at his wild appearance in the mirror, he shaves!! RIP Rick’s beard. Not long after, he gets a haircut from a neighbor, Jessy. They meet more than once in the episode, and I get the feeling that a thing might be forming between them already.

Eventually we start to meet more of Alexandria’s residents. Despite the slight warm welcome and being given homes for each of the group, Rick continues to display his distrust. The group as a whole comes off as feral animals adopted by a family. Rick tells Glenn to find a way to get back their weapons, just in case.

screen-shot-2015-03-02-at-9-51-09-am-5-things-you-might-have-missed-in-the-walking-dead-rememberMichonne is put off by the residents, how they act as if the outbreak never happened and worry about petty things. Everyone in the group kind of expresses their concern that living here will make them soft. Deanna assigns Rick and Michonne as officers of Alexandria, and Daryl remains the only one to not settle at all. He is still completely on guard, and you get the feeling that he is more comfortable out in the world. The people of Alexandria have never seen what the group has seen.

Rick and Carl share a moment outside the wall where they both kill a bunch of walkers that they almost didn’t need to kill but, you get the feeling that they did it to remain vigilant. The gun Rick stored in the blender is gone. Deanna had mentioned how she had to banish 3 men once and I suspect they are the ones that killed Noah’s old community and possibly took the gun.

Out on a “run” led by Deanna’s sons, Tara, Glenn, and Noah begin to see the lack of experience in their actions. They nearly get Tara bit by a walker when they try to string it up instead of killing it because it killed one of their friends. When they get back to Alexandria, Glenn and Aiden, one of Deanna’s sons butt heads and Aiden is really poking Glenn for a fight. Glenn refuses, being an adult and not a 12 year old trapped in an adult’s body….that is until Aiden takes a swing at Glenn, Glenn ducks easily, and knocks Aiden on his ass with one punch to the nose. Daryl nearly chokes the other son out, proving the group is powerful and coordinated. Deanna steps in and tells everyone who is watching that Rick and his group are their guests now, and must be treated as equals. She then tells Aiden to shut up, basically, and thanks Glenn for knocking him on his ass. Grateful for putting her annoying brat in his place or clever ploy in a long con to get the group to trust them?

The show did a good job of keeping us on guard along with the group, I still don’t fully trust this place. Deanna gives everyone jobs as the episode progresses, assigning Rick and Michonne to both police the community, naming Rick constable. She says that’s what he was, and that’s what he will be here , too. He looked just like he did in the first episode, with a slightly different uniform, but it felt like calling the group back to humanity but, I don’t think they can ever fully relax, even if this place panned out. This is likely the reason for the name “Remember” meaning, remember the wrodl how it was, remember who you were, remember what you looked like, REMEMBER RICK’S BEARD!?

At the close of the episode, Rick asserts that they won’t get weak and if the Alexandria residents fail to survive in this harsh world, the group will step up and take control of the place.

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