Appdicted: Vurb

I accidentally stumbled upon this super, super cool app. It has so many facets, I don’t even know how to describe it. Most of what it does, though, you can tell from its name. Vurb, a unique spelling of verb, indicates an action. This app is all about helping you do stuff. Whether that’s plan an excellent night out, a movie date night, or an all night binge on your favorite videos. 

So, I’m going to use an example to explain how this works. I’m looking to plan an event for the summer time. It’s going to be a tournament throughout one area of different games. So, to plan this, Vurb has got my back. Now, I could use the app to search around for activities to do by just typing in an area or the type of activity. However, I already had all the places in mind, so I simply typed the name of the places in.

photo 5 (6)So, for instance, one of the stops of the day will be at a certain arcade. So, I found the arcade listing on Vurb, and it brought me to its “card”. Vurb Cards are a little listing of information. It tells me the address, phone number, and all the solid information about a place. However, also gives me pictures, reviews, and things like that. So, on one little card, is all this fantastic and useful information. So now, I want to save this information to help schedule along my game tournament. That’s where “decks” come in. A bunch of cards together are a deck, right? So to make a certain event, you make a deck. Collect together all the different cards for the places or things you want to do, then you’ve got a handy place for them all to be organized together.

photo 1 (12)With the decks, you can further your planning. You can add details to your deck like an overall description, and separate descriptions to each location or thing. You can share the deck on social media, which the app is easily connected to, or you can share it with other Vurb users. For instance, the people who may also be participating in this event with you. Simply click the share button, and choose from there. You can also have people follow your decks, so that they get updates when you’ve added something and can easily stay in the loop.

photo 3 (12)So now, I’ve found all my stops for the game tournament, added the other participants, had them follow the deck, and I’ve got one hell of a day planned. This all took me about 5 minutes. That’s with knowing exactly what I wanted to do. The great thing about this app is that it’s a search tool, just as much as a planning tool. Want to plan an awesome coffee quest for the best cup in town? Use Vurb to find all the coffee shops in an area and add them to a deck. Want to plan a fabulous date? Find a cool new restaurant, a movie theater, make a deck, and skablam. Date night. You can even make decks of movies, funny videos or awesome songs to share with buddies via the app or any social media.

VurbPretty much, this app is the absolute best, Fangirls. It covers so many bases in such an easy, organized way. It makes me want to plan things just because it’s so darn easy & fun to on here.

So get to downloading, Fangirls! And planning! And doing! Huzzah! 









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