The Librarians

Fangirls, I am not someone who enjoys a lot of current TV. I do enjoy several television shows, but one show has currently taken over my life – The Librarians. 

The Librarians is a show that, so far, was 10 episodes long, based on the TV movie series of the same name. The original movies starred Noah Wyle as Flynn Carsen, a professional student who is chosen to find and protect magical artifacts that exist in secret in our world. He is brought to the Library, a secret building underneath a real library in NYC, which features such magical artifacts as the Ark of the Covenant and Excalibur, who becomes a character on his own. It’s hard to describe, but after watching the movies, I can’t help but personify Excalibur and find him adorable. Each of the three movies features a different adventure and fighting a different enemy to protect the world from the dangerous magic that exists. 

I watched all three movies as a marathon before the show started, and I’m really glad I did. They’re cheesy and a bit ridiculous, but you can tell everyone involved truly cares about these movies. I’m a history and mythology nerd and I loved the amount of detail that went into the movies in that aspect. Plus, it’s hard not to absolutely love Flynn within the first 10 minutes of meeting him.The show can be watched without seeing the movies, but I highly recommend watching the movies first so that the few characters who carry over can be even more loved than just by meeting them in the show (and really the show does a wonderful job showing the four carry over characters’ personalities that you do love them quickly).

The show picks up after the movies, and shows our lovable adorable Librarian living his life of adventure as he interrupts a NATO colonel named Eve Baird, played by Rebecca Romijn, as she tries to stop a bomb attack in Germany. He is searching for a magical artifact and spouts out the history of the artifact while helping her diffuse the bomb and save her life. He disappears with his prize, and Eve is left confused and bewildered. We follow Eve home to a bare apartment with barely anything in the fridge, when a white envelope – the invitation to join The Library – appears under her door. She has been chosen to be the Guardian to the Librarian, and goes to the Library to find out what is going on.

She catches Flynn in the middle of a new mystery – someone is killing off potential Librarians. He and Eve discover that only three remain alive. The first is Cassandra Cillian, portrayed by Lindy Booth. She’s a mathematical and scientific genius who is working as a janitor at a hospital to hide herself. She has synesthesia, a neurological condition where multiple senses are activated at the same time; for Cassandra, it’s often all five at once. She also has what she considers a curse, a terminal brain tumor the size of a grape.  Next is Ezekiel Jones, portrayed by John Kim, and Jones is a  world class Australian thief. He’s often incredibly self-confident, and you don’t know how well he can be trusted, but he proves himself to be a valuable and trust-worthy member of the team. And last is Jake Stone, portrayed by Christian Kane, an art historian living in small town Oklahoma hiding his genius from his friends and family for a reason still unknown. Flynn and Eve bring them all together and have them work together to find the Crown of King Arthur.

After a series of events, the Library disappears and the team is forced to the Annex, a smaller version of the Library in Portland, Oregon. It’s maintained by Jenkins, a curmudgeon with a secret past, as portrayed by John Larroqutte. Flynn leaves Eve and the new Librarians-In-Training, or LITs, at the Annex as a team who will help control the magic in the world while Flynn tries to find the Library again.

That was a long description, I do apologize. If you’re still reading, here are the several reasons why you should watch it. 

One, it’s family oriented. There’s barely any swearing, it never goes too dark or too gory. I’ve seen on Twitter a lot of tweets from parents who say their kids get excited about sitting down and watching The Librarians. And that’s important. Kids who are enjoying time with family and time watching a show of intelligence gives me hope.

Two, the intelligence. Sometimes, it’s hard to find intelligent TV that’s enjoyable. This show is exactly that. Each week features a different mythical or historical object and the background is always given and always detailed…and always accurate. That’s one of my favorite features about this franchise; they get their info right every time, and I love it.

Three, the characters. Each character is unique and well written and well thought-out by the writers and creators. Especially Eve and Cassandra. In a promo for the show, it begins by naming Cassandra the brains of the group, Eve the brawn of the group, and the men are classified simply as thief and art historian. Nothing special, just exactly what the are. And really, Cassandra is the character with the most depth and the most personality. In episodes 7 and 8, which aired on the same night, we learned a lot about her past and what happened when her and her family learned about the tumor. And in episode 8, she gives a speech that makes me misty eyed every time (and I’ve watched the episode three times) about how she sees herself because of the tumor. And the characterization doesn’t stop with her. Ezekiel, often in trouble because of his sarcasm, also often shows the heart and the kindness he has in almost, if not every episode. Jake is sweet and kind and caring, and has a special connection to Cassandra; he’s the only one who can help her out of her spells when the equations become too much for her mind and her tumor. But he also has trust issues and when his trust is broken he makes it hard to be reclaimed. These three characters are all relatable, all lovable, and all so magnificently written and portrayed that I became almost too invested in them.

This show has only had 10 episodes so far, and had its season finale several weeks ago. And, luckily, as of 2/12/2015, it has been renewed for another 10 episode season! Personally, I think it should have more than 10 episodes for the second season, but hey, I will not be complaining because I’m too busy celebrating the renewal! Obviously, no word on when the new season will start, but the cast, the crew, and the fans are all excited and proud to have been able to get a second season for this wonderful show.

To me, everything about this show is on point. The intelligence is there, the research of the history is there, the characters are well created and well performed and clearly loved by those portraying, and the love of what the cast and crew are making is obviously there. This show has taken over my Fangirl heart, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves history and loves fun, intelligent show.

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  1. Love The Librarians with Christian Kane.. so happy that the show has been nominateed for a Saturn Award… sad that Christian didn’t but please cast mates Rebecca Romijn and John Larroquette both have been! awesome.. THREE award nom’s! Thanks for sharing!

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