Lady Killer Issue 2 Review

Lady Killer #2
Lady Killer #2 by Joelle Jones & Jamie S. Rich with colors by Laura Allred

Hey Fangirls sorry for the wait on the review for Lady Killer issue two, but this one is a real damn fine book! If you were still on the fence after issue one, I hope you give this next installment a chance. Jones and Rich really rev up the pace, the action and the drama.This issue picks up on the job Josie (our housewife/ hit-woman protagonist) took at the end of the last issue, given to her by her partner/informant Peck. From the get-go we are sprung straight into a seedy men’s club of the 1960s. Booze and broads ablaze. Jones and Allred do an amazing job lighting the club and making sure your eyes never leave Josie.

It’s hard to ignore the lady in the red.

This book oozes sleek and sexy like its going out of style. There are too many well thought out panels or designs that you can’t glance over without thinking, “Why cant I, or my friends dress that cool?”

She’s a killer… lady.

After completing her job, Josie is asked to meet with the head honcho of her agency. Here is where we finally get a bit more of her background. She’s been a contract killer for well over a decade and clearly loves her job. Unfortunately both her boss and Peck are coming down pretty hard on old Josie about dividing her time between work and family.

Waiting for the boss.

Josie is given a “delicate” assignment from her boss. Something not revealed till the final pages of this issue (I won’t spoil for those who have not yet read it). There is a tension between Josie and work, clearly its been building for the past few years.  I see this all coming to a head, perhaps as early as the next issue.

Lady Killer is a quick read but that doesn’t mean you are going to put it down right away. Their are subtleties to each character and panel that make you go back and examine everyone’s interactions. Jones’ art plays out like well rounded actors, always showing more than telling. This is a playground that the creators enjoy and it really shows. Rich, Jones and Allred deliver another great read. Dark Horse is really stepping up with a series like this. I hope this is a sign of change for the company, it’s time they start competing with Image and give them a run for their money when it comes to sexy and intelligent books.  Check back here soon for a review of Lady Killer #3!

Also, pregnancy and smoking… any comic that’s got that has me for a fan.








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