Lady Killer Issue 3 Review

Lady Killer #3 by Joelle Jones & Jamie S. Rich with colors by Laura Allred

Lady Killer 3 picks up plot threads left throughout issue 2 and really starts things rolling. Rich, Jones and Allred play another fast paced issue full of subtleties and intrigue. We are halfway through the series and edging towards the climax as all the players and pieces start to fit nicely into place.

We start out with a fancy dinner party being thrown by Mrs. Josephine Schuller. I’m glad that at least once per issue we are now getting large crowds drawn by Jones, she fills the page with life and movement. The attention to detail is enthralling.

Refills anyone?

After seeing Josie maneuver her way through the swanky shindig she’s confronted by her German spouting mother in-law. Mother Schuller has been on to our Lady Killer since issue one. She may not have all the pieces put together but she tries calling Josie out on her extra activities. Josie being a killer and a professional, avoids all confrontation and leaves without giving anything away. Things are stacking up both at home and at work. Both sides are working against her and pressuring her to come clean.

Fu@* You, Mother Schuller.

The story shifts focus off of Josie for a bit and gives us a better look at Mr. Peck. Our first glimpse of him this issue is flirting with Stenholm’s (Josie and Mr. Peck’s boss) secretary a la James Bond (both are essentially contract killers). Like classic Bond and Moneypenny, Peck is yelled at by his boss and brought into the head honcho’s office.  Here we have a great scene with some fantastic imagery. Peck, being the suave contract killer that he is picks an apple off of Stenholm’s desk, showing how much of prick character he can be. What starts off as someone nabbing a piece of their boss’ lunch slowly turns into a battle for Josie’s life.

Pay attention to the apple.

From what we gathered last issue, Stenholm is not a fan of Josie dividing her time between work and her family. He believes she has outlived her usefulness and must be eliminated from the equation. Peck on the other hand, talking about Josie like a child, claims he has complete control over her and can keep her in check. The battle between the two men wages back and forth, as does the apple. Each one grabbing it and placing it in front of themselves as they talk about their views. The more Stenholm wins the argument the apple gets further away from Peck.

lk3-eStenholm finally talks Mr. Peck into taking the job and “releasing” Josie from the company. Peck leaves the office defeated. Stenholm then throws the apple out. It’s a great scene and really tells a lot about how the characters are dealing with our fair Lady Killer. So much is said in the way this scene is handled and showing more than telling, something this comic excels at.

lk3-fAfter Mr. Peck’s reluctant agreement in the matter of Josie we switch scenes yet again, this time to the current and frightful job Josie much take care of. In the last issue she was told to take out a small child, with no explanation. Let’s just say the job doesn’t end how her company would like it to and Josie is left with a very hard decision. One amazing car chase scene later and Josie finds herself having to answer to Peck. And that is where we are left off this issue.

Things are really starting to burn with this series and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out. Jones is doing a remarkable job with the series and she continues to impress. From designs of clothing, houses and characters she has really built a beautiful world that feels alive. I do hope some questions get answered in next months issue such as: Who are these contract killers working for? The CIA, the KGB, freelance? And how exactly did someone like Josie fall into this line of work? I can’t wait to read more and find out!








All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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