Lumberjanes Issue 4

Fangirls, you better be reading Lumberjanes.  It’s very important to me.


So I love this series.  I think we all know that?  It’s amazing and it’s something I love to pick up.  I get really excited just seeing it in my pile, to be totally honest (like, issue 11 came out this week and I squealed like a baby when I saw the cover).  But today, we’re talking about issue 4.

I know I’m waaaaaay behind on this series, but it makes it a bit easier for me, because I can’t get to the shop every week, or even every month.  So I stay behind on Lumberjanes, and get to reread the issues more often than a lot of the books I read.  It’s nice getting to re experience things with them.

In this issue, the Lumberjanes are out on a hike with Jen, when they accidentally run into a yeti.  He is totally not into them, and roars hard enough for them to run back to Jen, and have all of them fall off a small cliff and into a pile of poison ivy.


Luckily, there is a troupe of boys (from Mr Theodore Tarquin Reginald Lancelot Herman Crumpet’s Camp for Boys) who happen to have some ointment and cookies back at their camp to fix the ladies up.  As they eat cookies, the Lumberjanes sneak off (Jen is distracted by the cleanliness of the boys) to the lighthouse that they found out about in issue 3.

That’s where the yetis are.  They’re just chilling, listening to music outside of the tower.  Ripley barters with them; access to the tower for some of her cookies.  When the ladies get to the top, they find a golden bow and arrows, that they decide to “borrow” for a bit.

Back at the boys’ camp, Jen realizes that her cabin has yet again given her the slip, and is just about to run out and find them, when the boys start growling and getting hairy.  This is far more dangerous than puberty, Fangirls.  Jen tosses some peas onto the ground, and the boys’ cleanliness takes over; they’re distracted enough for her to head out.


She meets with her campers and they all run back towards their camp, Molly using the bow and arrows to get rid of the growling boys.



They’re safe, so it seems, but the final page shows the boys’ camp leader telling them, “next time we’ll be prepared.”

Nope.  Not about that.
Nope. Not about that.

I love this book so dang much, Fangirls.  I get really pumped seeing it, reading it, and talking about it.  I am so glad it’s in my life.  I think it’s great that not only is it a book created by women, but it’s about strong women (mostly under 20), doing their own thing.  It’s also about friendship to the max, and that makes me so happy.  The friendships shown are so strong, I find them inspiring.  I want to hang out with the Lumberjanes.


If you haven’t been reading it, go pick it up.  It’s almost a year old (which is beyond fantastic, because it was supposed to be a six issue run), and you should celebrate that by getting all the books.  I think I’m going to grab the trade next time I’m in the shop because I want to have a loaner for people, so I can get them hooked.  In short; read Lumberjanes, it’s phenomenal.








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