Feminerd: #DearMe

Be still my Fangirl heart, friends. This past week, YouTube launched a fantastic campaign called #DearMe that I couldn’t be more in love with. It’s a project that is designed to help young women & girls feel confident about themselves, embrace who they are, not sweat the small stuff, and have fun. And, it features some of the best female creators on YouTube right now.

youtube-dearmeWomen of YouTube, and women everywhere, have been asked to submit videos of them giving some advice to their younger selves. Surely, this isn’t the first time that method has been used, but something about this was especially moving & heartwarming. Maybe it’s because I admire these women so much. YouTube is a very big part of my life, and I think I’m really able to hear messages like this when it is coming from people & a platform a deeply respect. I also know that there are so many young women out their who feel the same way as me about YouTube. Therefore, I think the messages of #DearMe are surely getting across. Which makes my heart feel extra fuzzy.

I was ecstatic to go to my YouTube dashboard a few mornings ago and see these #DearMe videos from three of my favorite YouTubers right in a row. I watched them all, and was able to feel a pretty deep sense of connection with these women. And that’s how this stuff becomes effective. At least from my experience, YouTube is a rather personal platform, wherein you get to feel a specific sort of relationship with a creator that you watch. So, watching a favorite YouTuber of yours make a very personal video addressing their adolescent self, there is a sense of intimacy. In that, I think the message really resonates a lot more. If you’re a teenage girl, a die hard Hannah Hart fan, and you see her #DearMe video, there’s a big possibility you’re going to take what she says to heart more than you would with some stranger on a Dove commercial. That’s why this project is so important.

#DearMe is in celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8th), but it doesn’t have an end date. People can keep posting #DearMe videos until the end of time, and they should. Thank you to YouTube for creating such a wonderful project to globally empower & inspire women. You rock.



All images and videos are copyright of their respective owners. 


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