Catwoman Issue 38

Fangirls, I love Catwoman.  I love her Catsuit, attitude, and how clever she is.  Above all of that, I’m learning how much I love her pantsuit.  It sounds foolish, doesn’t it?  Loving a character simply for their costume?  But I love it because she’s not in the Catsuit anymore.  She’s far more powerful now; leading an army of Gotham’s gangsters against the Black Mask ( a more than formidable adversary).


In this issue, Miss Kyle Calabrese is invited to a meeting with the Black Mask, unarmed.  She goes, with her brother, and when a gun is drawn on them for being foolish enough to not have weapons, she uses a handcrafted shoe to take down the gun.  She explains that she doesn’t want Black Mask to threaten her family, or any of those she’s working with or else.  It’s powerful, and a bit scary.


With the Black Mask breathing down her neck, and poaching her connections, she (anonymously) calls the GCPD on her own family’s drug deal.  Antonia gets arrested, 15 get killed, and the drug deal still goes through.  There is a surprise visitor though; Batman.  They fight, and it ends in a brief embrace, until she pushes him away, telling him to find somebody else to save.  I think they’re my OTP, and it’s a dangerous one.  The new Catwoman also shows up, and they have a bizarre sort of understanding this time.


Towards the end of the comic, Selina kind of tries to kill herself by stepping in front of a speeding car, but she’s saved by her brother (who was just talking with the Penguin).  I know it’s been messy so far, but shit is really going to hit the fan soon.  I’m worried about Selina, but I’m excited that Batman keeps showing up, and I hope that continues.  Their friendship and relationship, though difficult, is always very interesting to watch and read, so I always want more of that.


Fangirls, if you aren’t reading Catwoman, you should get on that.  Issue 39 is already out, and you should be all over it.









All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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