The Walking Dead: “Forget” interesting title considering last week was “Remember.” I think this has a few meanings. Forget about your old life, forget the fear, or perhaps that the people of Alexandria have forgotten that there is danger outside their walls every second. Sasha wakes up and has a bit of a meltdown. Out of everyone seeming like a caged animal, I think it comes off in Sasha the most in this episode. She is seen more than once looking around rapidly and hearing things, almost falling into “beast mode” without needing to.

Outside the wall, Rick, Carol, and Daryl discuss the missing gun and form a plan to steal back the guns that were taken from them upon arrival. Carol downs a walker, emptying her clip as a way to continue playing her role saying that she told them they went out shooting. Their pristine attire out here makes them look so out of place in a setting where they had become so comfortable.They find the walker has the letter W carved in its forehead. Fans of the comics and myself who happened to read something about it will suspect and likely be right that this is a sign of a group called the Wolves.

Back at Rick’s house, he and Michonne discuss the possible reasons why they have been made the policing force in the town. Is it for real? Is it just to assimilate them? Is it a clever ruse?

HD-picture-the-walking-dead-4-movie-horror-wallpaperDaryl bumps into Aaron out in the woods. He says he is surprised that Daryl can tell the difference between a walker creeping up and another human just by the sound they make and wonders out loud if he can tell the difference between a good man and a bad one. They come across a horse that the children of Alexandria have named “Buttons”. Aaron says he has been trying to catch him for months. Daryl makes an attempt, but Buttons is spooked away by some walkers that Daryl and Aaron put down quickly. They follow Buttons into another opening where some walkers attack him and we see Buttons tragically taken down by them. Aaron and Daryl dispatch the walkers and Aaron takes the job of putting down the still alive but, suffering Buttons.

Deanna explains a bit more to Rick and Michonne about her plans. She wants Maggie helping her in hopes of creating a government in the walls, she hired Rick and Michonne in order to hope one day there will be a police force. She has hopes of making something like life before. Outside, she tells Rick she cannot have everyone walking around with guns. Sasha approaches saying that she wants to take up guard at the top of the bell tower with her sniper rifle. She wants to take “as many shifts as possible.” Deanna meets her eagerness with a request that she come to a dinner party.

At Deanna’s party, the group is clearly uncomfortable being on display, as thye party is to welcome them. Abraham and Michonne talk about how difficult it is to leave behind the danger and how, even when her sword is not physically with her, it is still on her back. Later, she is seen putting the sword on display on the wall in her home(who is she actually living with? Rick?). I am so sure that she will be taking that down before we know it; its not like she had someone hide it and not tell her where. Sasha has PTSD like flashbacks at the party and has quite the outburst before she storms out of the party. Jessie’s son gives Rick a hand stamp of the letter “A”, officially welcoming him to the community. Rick later gives Jessie a kiss on the cheek, which clearly had more subtext to it and they both knew it.

Daryl makes an attempt to go to the party but can’t go in. Aaron invites Daryl, over to his house for dinner with him and Eric, then shows Daryl his garage that is full of old motorcycle parts. He tells Daryl that he will need it because he has asked Deanna to let Daryl take Eric’s place as the second recruiter. He says that Daryl knows how to take care of himself and that he does know the difference between a good man and a bad man.

4097885238001Carol sneaks into the room where the guns are being held, with the intention of stealing some guns. Sam, Jessie’s son, follows her, wanting to ask Carol to make more cookies. Carol says she will make him some on the condition that he not tell his mother what he saw there but, Sam says he will have to because he tells his mom everything. Carol becomes the most terrifying of the group when she promises that if he says something, he will wake up outside the wall, far from Alexandria, tied to a tree, and the his screams for help will only be answered by walkers come to eat him alive while he can still feel it. You could almost hear this kid shit himself. Carol knows how to manipulate people.

The next morning, Deanna approaches Sasha, who is staring out the gate. She tells Deanna that Alexandria “isn’t real”. Deanna respects her demeanor but says, “That’s bullshit”. She gives Sasha some ammo and then closes the gate behind her. It kind of felt like she was kicked out but, I don’t think it was.

1489727At their meeting spot in the woods, Carol hands Rick and Daryl a gun, which Daryl refuses. Rick then goes for a walk in Alexandria, where he sees Jessie and her husband he strays partially closer to insanity when he reaches for the gun Carol gave him.He then hears a noise from outside the steel walls between two houses and runs over to it. Its a walker banging on the walls and Rick lays his hand on the wall. I noticed that the music that was playing was upbeat and as he approached the wall, it started to muffle and fade. Rick looked at the A on his hand and I think he is going through the same identity crisis as everyone else in the group.

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