Appdicted: Twist3d

Fangirls, time and time again we’ve discussed my love of puzzle games.  I definitely prefer the easy ones, but there is still a lot of merit in harder ones.  Though this game isn’t super difficult, I found it incredibly frustrating, but still oh so addicting.


The purpose of the game is to get the goal on the top right of your screen.  You tap on the screen where the 3D box is, and three of a color match up, making a straight line.  Some of the challenges are to simply get a number of boxes within a time limit, while others are to get specific combinations in a time limit.  It intensifies, when you realize that you have to spin the cube to get more blocks.


It’s definitely an interesting and challenging game.  The puzzles get harder and harder, and there were places I felt I would not be able to win.  That frustrated me a lot, and made me not want to play it.  What frustrated me even more, was the lack of instructions.  The app itself doesn’t actually tell you how to play, or that the goal was on the top left of your screen.  It just presented me with a cube and told me to slide to rotate it.

I didn’t like that.  I actually got quite hung up on it.  As much as I enjoy the concept of the game, I felt a bit betrayed, and that turned me away from it a lot.

The game itself is a lot of fun.  It definitely gets frustrating, but is rather enjoyable.  Try it out for yourselves, Fangirls.  It’s free on iTunes, and worth checking out.









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