Eastern Psychological Association Annual Conference

Market Street exterior_eveningSo, this is a little bit different in terms of nerdiness in the fact that it is specifically for Psychology nerds.The Eastern Psychological Association holds an annual conference in an east coast city every year, and this year is was held in Philadelphia!

Basically, the conference exists for Undergraduate and Graduate students as well as some professors to present their research to people from all over the country. It sounds so dry when I tell you about speakers and looking at posters of people’s research but, it was so fun!!

Not only was there so much knowledge in that hotel all weekend that it blew me away but, I also got to meet awesome psychology majors from all over the place! Not only that but you get people talking to you about your research and are seen by some important people, and it is so encouraging to hear people tell you how interesting your study is!

Not anyone I know but, this is what posters at EPA usually look like!
Not anyone I know but, this is what posters at EPA usually look like!

For those of you wondering, my study was titled “The Relationship Between Death Anxiety and Substance Abuse” I wont really go into it here, but if you’re really interested, you can email me at: robisonk357@strose.edu

Not only was the conference fun but Philly in general is awesome and I saw approximately .5% of it! Me and the rest of the Psychology Club went out on Friday night and found this great bar called “Kite & Key.” It was a nice little place with good food and didn’t cost too much to drink there. Plus I got drunk with a bunch of girls from my school, which I can’t complain about.

All in all, EPA is an awesome time and I am considering going next year when it is held in New York City just for the sake of going to present more research I have. If you have an interest in Psychological research, I am fairly certain that you can just go if you’re a member of EPA. Don’t quote me on that, though.

All research, names, and images are copyright of their original owners. 


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