Tune In: Brew Review

With all the coffee I buy and try, I figured I would take you all along for the ride this time. I brought you all with me for the whole process from buying the coffee to brewing it and tasting it. A coffee from Gevalia catches my eye, then takes me on an unexpected journey.

My voyage began looking for something that caught my eye, both visually and in description.Maybe its a poor way to choose coffee, but I love to buy coffees depending on if their package is appealing to me. A good design will get me every time. I also like to think a coffee’s package will give me a good idea about what it will taste like, but you never really know until you brew it. With this Dark Gold roast from Gevalia, that was very much the case. It took hold of me in the grocery store aisle, but only in my kitchen could it really reveal itself to me.


I ended up not even finishing this coffee. It’s notes were too confusing. Maybe I was confused by it’s total lack of everything. For whatever reason, I had in mind a lush & dense coffee, but it really didn’t have much going for it. Maybe it was the royal looking yellow package and suave advertisements that got me. Whatever it was, didn’t really deliver.

I did however very much enjoy taking you all along on my nearly weekly voyage and endless quest for good coffee, friends. We should set up a nice coffee date again sometime. We can meet again the coffee aisle, hoping hard for a roast brave enough to give us what we’re looking for.


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