Music: Hozier

2014-10-10-hosierWe all know “Take Me to Church” more than well. Don’t get me wrong, it is a fantastic song. However, I’ve just been a little desensitized to it by now. So, I figured I would give the rest of Hozier’s music a try the other night just to see what it was like. I hadn’t ever heard anything of his other than his hit. Little did I know, I would completely fall in love with his album, find a musician talented beyond belief, and fall into a musical obsession, as I am prone to do.

I can’t stop listening to his self titled album. Every time I go to listen to something else, I end up at his album. Needless to say, I’m a little obsessed. It’s really because I just didn’t expect it for some reason. Surely, “Take Me to Church” is a pretty brilliant song, but I didn’t know the rest of his music would be on another level of good.

There’s so much depth to everything. His genre crosses over between many different things, and whatever his sound may be called, he’s making it work. He’s got elements of blues and R&B, rock and soul, pop and even a little twinge of a Celtic vibe. It’s profound how much is going on and how much he makes it sound so cohesive. It just sounds like it all belongs together. In one of my favorite songs on the album, “To Be Alone,” he creates a pounding monster of ballad. It has got very soulful & bluesy guitar riffs and vocals, with very dark sounding melodies & percussion. It ebbs & flows into these lush and exploding choruses. I damn near lost my mind the first time I heard it. Hearty songs like this and “It Will Come Back” are balanced out by more flowing tracks like “Like Real People Do” and the sweetest ever “Cherry Wine.” Hozier’s outstanding songwriting is on full display in his love songs. He so sweetly describes everything without making it too mushy. He executes these love songs so well that I’ve started to think I may be in love with him. Everything about them gets into my soul and makes me feel cozy & warm.Hozier-141028-Phoenix-Marcia-Leeder-04The attraction of Hozier’s music is the balance. Balancing the sweet & dark, the different elements of the sound, the influence with the original. Hozier is a master at adding the right amount of everything until his arrangements are full, beautiful and ever so repeatable. And this is only his first album. I get all giddy thinking about what else his career will have in store. In the meantime, move on from “Take Me to Church” for now and see what his album is really all about, Fangirls.










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