DIY: Old Shelf Update

beforeaftershelfSo in my recent room renovation, I found a lot of stuff that had some potential. Now, I didn’t find this shelving unit, but I did clear it of all the childhood books it used to hold. I was just going to throw it away, but when I found some random old wood in my room, some wheels starting turning. I decided to attempt to update the shelf and make it into something more suited for me & my new room. The results were honestly much better than I had anticipated. I’m not big on the color yellow, but with the color scheme I was choosing for my room, having a gold-yellow accent seemed perfect. So I headed to the store, picked up some yellow spray paint, and got to work. That was the only thing I needed to buy for this project, actually. I had the wood and tools to trim it up, some gorilla clue, and that was all I needed. First, I got to painting the dirty-white shelf. When spray painting something like this, or anything really, be sure to do it on it’s side, so that it doesn’t drip and leave ugly drip marks. Also make clean, steady movements to ensure an even coat. Spray paint isn’t always the easiest in giving you a very even looking coat. But I promise it’s possible.

image_2 (4)I didn’t want to paint all of the self, or else it would be too overpowering of a yellow. So I painted the sides and the top, and the tops of the two inside shelves. I left the trim white to give it a little accent.

Once the paint was all done & dry, I got to working on the wood. There were these random beams of wood in my room for as long as I can remember, and for whatever reason I just left them there. They were all just a few inches wide and about 3 feet long. So I trimmed a few of them down to a foot, and laid that over the top of the shelving unit. I wanted to make it more into a storage side table, so I figured this would give it a nice surface. I didn’t need to bother with screwing, I just added some gorilla glue and laid the wood right on top. image_3 (4)After sticking the five pieces of wood, on, the shelf was done.That’s it!image_4 (4)It was one of the quickest most successful updates I’ve ever done. It ended up looking great with the new wall color in the room, and works perfect for some little wire baskets I found, and a few books. Now, I have a nice side table for beside my bed, too. I had seen a little vision of this shelf while deciding whether or not to toss it, and thought I would give updating it a shot just to see if there was hope for keeping it. Now look at my little baby shelf, all grown up.

image_5 (3)Hopefully you can draw some inspiration from this DIY, and know that there are so many things in everyone’s homes that can be given a good update. I’ve had this little shelf since I was a very small child, and didn’t see how it fit in the room anymore. But with the addition of some other stuff I had laying around, I ended up with a pretty damn sweet little accent piece.

Happy DIYing!










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