Lush’s Sandstone Soap

Fangirls, I’m loving this beauty segment because I get to pamper myself all the time and justify it by reviewing it for you! One of the great freebies that ended up in one of my Lush boxes was a sample of their Sandstone Soap.


When I first opened my Lush box and found the Sandstone Soap, I was a bit thrown off. It’s a tiny little cube that I thought could only last a couple washes, so I started with just using it on my hands. I was wrong. I’ve been blown away by how long this little cube has lasted me; I use it every other shower for my whole body, and it has lasted a month so far!

I’ve seen some reviews on Lush soaps, and saw that they lasted awhile, which is really great because I love soap. Another thing that really got me pumped was the scent. The Sandstone Soap smells absolutely fantastic, it’s fresh and lemony, and it just feels really great on my skin! There are bits of sand in it, and when I use it, I love the feeling of the sand scrubbing me.


I think the sand in it is helping my skin get softer too, which is really great in the winter. The scent lingers a bit on my skin, but isn’t too strong so I can still wear a lotion or perfume and not feel like they’re competing. I’ve found that it pairs really well with a patchouli soap I had.

Once it’s summer, I’ll be less likely to take baths because it’ll be too hot and sticky. So when that time comes, I’ll be grabbing some of Lush’s Sandstone Soap, so I can still treat my skin well and take refreshing showers. If you know of any other great Lush soaps that I should check out, let me know!

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