Batgirl Issue 39

I’m in love with Batgirl, I think that’s been covered.  I love her look, her attitude, who she is becoming, all of it.  Hell, I’m even starting to work out again so I can look more like her.  I think she’s great; Burnside, on the other hand, is not feeling the Batgirl love as of late.  She busted up that cafe in the last issue, and now she’s getting attacks from all over.  Hooq even put a bounty on her head.  Add that to the craziness with Liam from last time, and you know it’s going to be a rough issue.


Barbara is dealing with a lot of nonsense right now, but she isn’t the only one.  Frankie (one of the programmers who works on hooq) is having a lot of trouble with the app.  There’s a virus that seems to be growing and attacking them from everywhere.  It almost knows their next moves.  Things are going so poorly that Frankie is considering getting a new job.

Plus there’s Dinah.  She doesn’t have a home, or most of her stuff, and she lost her best friend.  Luckily, there’s some resolve here.  The Birds are back; Dinah helps Babs fight some jerks in an alleyway, and the next  morning gets her training again.  I really enjoyed reading and seeing this, because while Batgirl is usually shown as having pretty defined muscles, in this comic she has just looked toned.  Dinah has defined muscles.  It’s really great to see them training together again, I really missed their friendship.


But when they come down from their training session, Sevin is on the couch, waiting for Frankie, who seems to have stepped out.  When Babs and Dinah check her room, her phone and crutches are still there; it’s not looking good.  The two of them head to hooq headquarters, where Barbara scales it on her bike, and finds Frankie surrounded by monitors, showing her that Barbara is Batgirl.  As Barbara is admitting it, a face appears on the screen and claims that she isn’t.


This mystery person could be the one who has been calling Liam and telling him Babs’ history and maybe also the one who hacked hooq.  I have a theory; it’s both.  My thought is that Barbara’s pattern mapping program, since it’s based on her brain, has formed it’s own identity with her memories.  It is hacking hooq to call users to arms against what the program thinks is a fake Batgirl, and messing with hooq so she doesn’t get to meet someone.  It’s also contacting Liam because the program thinks it’s dating him as Barbara Gordon.  It’s a bit twisted, but that’s what I think is going on.


The fact that she wrote a program based on her brain scan is beyond awesome, regardless of it’s possible malcontent.  But it’s also a bit crazy.  Really, my favorite part of this issue is that Babs and Dinah are working together again.  Their friendship is really rad, and I just want to hang out with them all the time (since I can’t, I’ll just keep reading this comic, and Black Canary’s when it starts).  After Barbara and Dinah high five in the issue, all I could think of is a song from High School Musical Senior Year, and I’m super unappologetic.  It’s called The Boys Are Back, but I substituted “Birds” for “Boys” as I sang it in my head while reading the issue and writing about it right now.  So below is the video for The Boys are Back, you should watch it because High School Musical is actually really cool.

Okay bye.









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One Response to Batgirl Issue 39

  1. Chortles says:

    If the “pattern mapping program” story sounds odd, the writer also wrote the corresponding story that ties into this angle in Secret Origins #10.

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