Appdicted: Temple Run Oz

photo 1 (14)I’m sure we all remember the torture of Temple Run. A few years ago, a phenomenon swept through all smart phones in a whirlwind of endless levels and high scores. But soon, it all died down and we could return to our lives as we knew them. Unfortunately, it’s back to consume us all. A new, themed version of Temple Run has appeared on the App Store home page, and I couldn’t help but download it.

It brings back all the old memories of the original, but way more cool, actually. The Oz theme really kicks things up a notch. The addition of the yellow brick roads, the flying monkeys, it’s all pretty damn exciting. With the same controls and objectives as last time, it’s easy to get right back into the groove of things. For those of you who didn’t endure the first wave of Temple Run, let me explain how this game works. Temple Run is a forward scrolling game where your only real objective is to keep running. Your character keeps running, you avoid cracks in the ground, fallen trees, bridges, and collect coins while you’re at it. The levels never really seemed to end, you would just run as long as you could. This new temple run does change that slightly. photo 3 (13)So you’re running around, collecting your coins, jumping & sliding as necessary when boom, you cross through a big colorful box. When you run through one of those, you get a little something to help you. For instance, a flying monkey may glide down and pick you up to carry you for a little while, so you can avoid all that mess on the ground. How nice of them. photo 2 (14)The levels are also a little bit more indicated by a pause in the running, and the addition of a hot air balloon ride. You’ll reach the end of a path, and hop on to a hot air balloon that you’ll need to maneuver around just as you do with running. Collect coins for a bit, then you descend down back to the path. photo 4 (12)Just like in the old game, you can also change your character once you get enough coins. Except now they’re a little more fancy looking and Oz-tastic. photo 5 (7)Though it may encroach on my time management a bit, it’s nice to have this game return to my phone. If you didn’t hop on all the craziness the first time around, now is your chance to get much too enthralled in a very simple game. For those who got involved with it’s first wave, brace yourself for more endless rounds of sliding, turning, and comparing high scores.










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