Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (Series 1 & 2)

A friend introduced me to a new show from Australia. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. This show is fantastic and the first two seasons are currently on Netflix (USA).

2015/01/img_0658.jpg (Image by Pati Cmak)

It’s a 1920s themed episodic mystery show. If that alone doesn’t hook you, keep reading. The protagonist in this show is a well-to-do lady named Phryne Fisher. She is a sassy, strong, independent private investigator who arrives back into her hometown and wiggles her way into the confidence of a local detective (Jack Robinson). Phryne also has a soft spot for abandoned girls and takes them into her home and helps them get back on their feet, go to school, and find jobs. One of her girls is Dot (Dorothy), who eventually falls in love with Jack’s constable Hugh. Their relationship is cute, and likely fairly accurate given the era. One of the joys of watching this show is watching how Dot and Hugh interact versus how Phryne and Jack interact. To say that it is complicated between Phryne and Jack is putting it mildly. They have clear sexual tension between them, and they wear their hearts on their sleeves. Phryne doesn’t believe in settling down with a man, and Jack is recently divorced. They clearly should be with each other, but neither of them will let their pride down enough to admit it, even though they have both discussed their feelings for one another.

I marathoned the two seasons on Netflix, and I feel like the first season was the strongest, storyline-wise. Phryne arrives back in her hometown to solve her sister’s murder/disappearance and assure that her sister’s murderer does not get out of prison (spoiler, he does escape). This season follows Phryne and Jack on their investigations of multiple murders that eventually lead them to Phryne’s sister’s murderer after he has escaped from prison. The story behind why her sister was taken and murdered becomes clear whilst Phryne’s life is in danger. It’s a compelling story. The second season was not as strong, and I feel like there wasn’t a strand or plot idea I could follow throughout the whole season like there was in season one. That being said, the relationships take a more important role in the second seasons and are much more developed.

The third season of MFMM has just wrapped and will hopefully be on Netflix soon. I cannot wait to delve into it again.










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One thought on “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (Series 1 & 2)

  1. I remember the first time I sat down with this show and I really thought that I would hate it to my very core. I was almost certain from the lo-fi aesthetic of the opening titles that I would be crushed utterly by the insufferable cheeriness of the characters and the constant need to be reminded that Miss Fisher was “strong” (something that I was terrified was just going to be equated to Miss Fisher flirting with male characters to get her own way).


    Something about the show got through my incredibly snobby cynical brain and I “got” it.

    It’s light and fluffy and completely enjoyable and easy to watch. The 20’s look and music is great and the characters have a bit more depth than your average fluffy, brainless police procedural drama. It’s nice. “Cute” is a word I want to use, but it feels patronising.

    It definitely deserves more people blogging about it anyway! 🙂

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