The Flash: “Out of Time”

the-flash-season-1-episode-15-synopsisThe Flash is back, and it was with an absolutely destructively monumental episode!

The episode sees the return of the Mardon brothers when we find out that not only did Clyde(the first meta human Barry faces) survive the plane crash but so did his brother Mark, and he is out for revenge against Joe for killing Clyde.

Barry sees himself running beside him on his way to investigate a body that Mark left behind, and asks Dr. Wells about it and Dr. Wells tries to brush him off with a theory that it was a speed mirage of some sort and that they would look into it some more when they had caught Mardon.

Other notable conflicts are that Barry and Iris are growing closer to straight being together, and both of their others are noticing that something is up. It’s just little touches or smiles for now, but we all know that this is sometimes how relationships start, especially taboo ones.

As all of this is going on, Cisco is looking into what Joe said about Dr. Wells possibly being involved in Barry’s mother’s murder. He is looking into the forcefield failure because he basically thinks there is no way it could have done so.

_1424544273Basically everything plays out as follows, Joe ends up getting kidnapped and badly injured by Mardon and when Barry and Iris go to save him, Mardon sends a tsunami at the city. Barry and Iris get the chance to talk just before this and they share a long awaited kiss when Iris admits she feels the same way. Barry calls Caitlin for a solution to save the city and she says that if he can run up and down the coast fast enough, he can create a wall of wind to stop it, but says that she isn’t sure he can even go that fast. Barry reveals to Iris that he is The Flash when he changes right in front of her and tells her to get out of there. He runs up and down the coast faster than we have ever seen him go, creating the wall, and just as all seems solved when Barry runs so fast he goes back to the night when he saw himself running beside him, but this time he is the one he saw that night!! He stops running and realizes whats happened, and this seems to be the premise of the next episode.

maxresdefaultWhile all of this went on, we see Cisco discover that the Reverse Flash who was in the forcefield was prerecorded in a way, and upon this discovery, Dr. Wells walks, yes, walks in. He does the big reveal, confirming my suspicions by revealing that his real name is Eobard Thawne and that Barry is the key for him to get back to his time. He said he never meant to kill Barry’s mom and told Cisco that he has grown to like him. He also reveals that he can almost be in 2 places at once with afterimages or speed mirages. He quips that Eddie is a distant relative, which is also something I suspected and then, he fucking kills Cisco!!! He puts his hand right through his heart, stating that where he is from, Cisco has been dead for centuries anyway.

I suspect with the way that the episode ended with Barry in the past, a lot of the big stuff is going to be changed, because Barry is heard in the promo saying that he messed stuff up, or something to that effect.










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