Nerds Gotta Drink: Minty Zaki Mudslide

So last week I went with my friend to Applebee’s for their trivia night. I don’t know much about trivia, but I know that I like to eat and drink. There, I got a mudslide for the first time in my life. I fell in love. And the only way I could think of to make it better, was to add mint.


So a couple days later I bought some mint cookie crumble ice cream from Stewart’s and went to work. Here’s what I used:

2 scoops of Mint Cookie Crumble ice cream
1 shot of Godiva Liqueur
1 shot of Kahluha
1 cup of milk
A bunch of chocolate syrup
Whipped Cream


I put one scoop of the ice cream, the boozy bits, milk, and chocolate syrup in my magic bullet, and whipped it up. Once it was liquid, I poured it into a tumbler, added a second scoop of ice cream, and topped it with the whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

I felt like I was in Sugar Rush, making out with Minty Zaki. It was amazing. It is not a super boozy drink, so I think next time I make it I’ll double the alcohol so I can taste it a bit.


When drinking sugary alcoholic beverages, please remember that sugar speeds up your absorption of alcohol, so it can get you more drunk, faster. Be careful out there, and definitely don’t get behind the wheels of any cars after drinking, even candy go carts. Have fun and be safe!

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