Coffin Hill Issue 15

Fangirls, as much as I loved the last story arc from Coffin Hill, I thought I was very ready for something new.  After reading this issue, I realized I’m not.  So much is going to go down in this arc, and I thought the last one was intense.


Issue 15 is a bit of an introduction issue.  Nate’s in the hospital in a coma, there’s a temporary chief around (who is bossy as heck), and the original Coffin Witch is back ready to ruin some lives.  Starting strong, Wilcox (the police officer who worked often with Nate), is at the crime scene of a recently dug up body.  Not eroded, mind you, but dug up.  The body is somewhere from the 50’s-60’s, and for some reason, there’s a portrait of Ellie Coffin (Eve’s mom) in her locket.


When Wilcox and Leland Starr (the temporary chief) go to the Coffin house, Ellie is very uncooperative; she can tell Leland is a jerk and doesn’t want to help him.  It seems like there’s going to be a fight, but Wilcox gets off her phone, saying that Nate has come out of his coma.

At the hospital, Eve gets pulled into a vision, full of corpses that the Coffins have killed.  Emma (the original Coffin Witch) drags her through a vision, where she and her friends and family are hanging on the same tree that Emma and her daughter (Evelyn) were hung on.  As Eve comes out of her trance, she sees Emma stick her hand into Nate’s body, and clutch something where his heart is.  The issue ends with Nate on the floor, and Wilcox learning a bit about the girl in the ground from Ellie.


Like I said before, so much is happening.  This series really knows how to pull you in, and get you into the intensity right from the beginning.  I can’t believe how quickly this started.  I’m sure it’ll keep up, too.  I think it was great because readers learned a bit about Ellie and Emma, characters who have barely shown any history so far, and I’m hoping that continues.  As issue 15 is Haunted House 1, it’s the beginning of a new arc.  If you haven’t been picking up Coffin Hill, now would be a great time to hop on.









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