Music: “Bigger On The Inside” // Amanda Palmer

a2412851430_10There’s nothing like the feeling of new Amanda Palmer music. What direction she’ll go is always a mystery. It could be more rocky & up tempo, it could be a stripped piano ballad, any flavor of the many things she’s created, or something totally new. Her new song “Bigger On the Inside” is a hefty, raw track, pouring out a a whole lot of things that Palmer needed to let go of. I’m very glad she did.

Though, because of most of it’s lyrical content, it seems like this song served a big therapeutic purpose for Amanda, it serves a real purpose for it’s listeners too. It’s not uncommon for her music to make me emotional, but this song really reaches a new level. Before we get into that, I need to set the scene for this. Amanda opens everything up to her fans. I subscribe to her email list, and quite often get emails updating us on what’s been going on with her, upcoming stuff, and how she’s been feeling. These emails get pretty personal, in a sense that they really feel like they’re from a good friend. That’s just the way she speaks to her fans. It’s pretty damn awesome feeling to have an artist present themselves on the same level as you. You always feel beneath them because you respect them so much. But Amanda respects us too; a whole fucking lot. And she’s never shy about telling us fans that. So, she also trusts us with her feelings, like in this new, incredibly powerful song.

It’s as if she just started playing and sang out every thought in her head. She sings of her dead brother, dealing with the hate of the internet, and of perseverance. It’s a heavy 8 minutes of reflection, but it’s worth every second. The stories she tells within the song are ones to learn from. Both to just take her advice from, and to learn something about expression. Amanda Palmer isn’t known for keeping things in, but she really puts it all out in this song. The part that got me most emotional was, of course, when she addressed the fans. Well, one in particular that wrote her an email asking how she keeps fighting. The verse is gorgeous, and she ends it by telling this fan, and all her fans that she loves them. I’ve listened through the song a lot since it was released last week, and every time, that part makes me cry a lot. It’s that sense of respect and friendship that I was talking about. It’s what makes her music so darn good.

Of course, lyrics aside, the song is beautiful as well. It perfectly interprets all the feelings happening within the song. Palmer pounds on a small ukulele, repeating a simple progression. About halfway through, a cello enters courtesy of Zoe Keating, and it carries the rest of the song through, ebbing and flowing with the emotions.

It’s just one fucking powerhouse of a song, Fangirls. If you’re a Amanda Palmer fan or have never heard of her, I think this is a very important song to hear. It’s message is one that everyone needs to embrace, and I think it’s impossible to not appreciate everywhere that Amanda is coming from with her words. And be prepared to have emotions, because that cello will cut right through your soul.


The song is free to listen to and download here!









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