Captain Marvel Issue 10

Fangirls, I hope you’ve been reading Captain Marvel because this issue celebrates a momentous occasion; the 100th solo issue of Captain Marvel, and the 10th issue of this run.  It’s fantastic.  To celebrate, the story is told in a way different than others, it’s told from the perspectives of her friends as they recount a run-in with Grace Valenitne (who totally hates Cap Marvel’s guts).  They’re told through the letters that Carol is reading, thanks to Lila Cheney, and it’s quite a lovely way to spend a 100th issue.


The first letter is from Lieutenant Trouble, Kit, who watches Carol’s place inside the Statue of Liberty with her mum.  LT tells Carol that Grace Valentine has escaped from prison using rats.  She then sent the rats to mess up the pad at the Statue of Liberty.  LT and her friends barely get out of the way of the rats, who are heading up to the apartment.


Here’s where Spider Woman takes over (and the art style changes).  She reminds Carol of how fond she isn’t of rats, and that Carol taught her not to kill something just because she can.  LT’s mum is on the phone with Wendy Kawaski, who tells her that the best way to take down the rats is to get rid of their leader, but not by killing it.  Spider Woman has to pull a transmitter off of it’s head to get it to stop telling the other rats to keep bothering them.  She gets bit in the process, but looks like she’s going to be alright.  She then passes to Rhodey.


Rhodey (or War Machine, or Carol’s kind of boyfriend) is at her apartment, where Grace Valentine is inside with explosives.  He goes inside and finds her in Captain Marvel’s uniform, and playing house.  When he goes for the explosives that she says are in the sink, Valentine pops a bomb onto the back of Rhodey’s suit.  Also on the phone with Kawaski, Rhodey is told to “pull a Carol,” and starts flying up, as fast as he can.  Valentine wants everything Carol loves to be destroyed, so if her apartment is one less thing, at least it’s safe.  But Rhodey.  He says that he sees Carol, and she flicks the bomb off of him, and he’s cool.


The last bit is from Wendy, and she just tells Carol that they did a good job with Valentine, and that she tells Tracy stories about Captain Marvel’s adventures.  Tracy isn’t doing too well, but she still brags a lot about Captain Marvel, and it’s clear that there’s a lot of love coming from her.


Everybody really misses Carol, and she starts missing them too, so she asks Lila for a favor; pop her back to earth for just one day.  She thinks it’ll make her feel better.  If you haven’t already, go read all of the Captain Marvel books, especially this one and issue 11; stuff’s crazy!









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Emily is a 20-something Fangirl in love with too many fandoms. You can find her on Twitter (@DoTheFangirl) and Instagram (@emilyfangirls).
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