The Walking Dead: “Try”

The stage has been set for the Season 5 finale, which promises to be intense as Rick’s actions have called his stay in Alexandria into question. This makes me, and I am sure many other viewers very uncomfortable as it definitely feels like Rick has everyone’s safety in mind.

Carol baked a sympathy casserole for Deanna and her family in light of Aiden’s death, but Deanna left the poor casserole outside and burned the note that came with it. It sort of felt like she was throwing the gauntlet down hinting at a civil war but, I think this was just foreshadowing in the form of Deanna coping in some weird way.

Deanna is suspicious of how Aiden died, and probably also Carol’s sympathy by extension; maybe she was taking it as an admittance of guilt. It doesn’t help that Nicholas is a huge liar but, are any of us surprised that he would blame the group for his and Aiden’s shortcomings? Glenn tells Rick what happened honestly and also points out that they need to make Alexandria work for them because it is their best opportunity. We see later that Glenn was unheard.

Later, with the anger and loss still hanging over them from the last episode, Glenn advises Nicholas to not leave Alexandria again. Nicholas takes it as a threat, but Glenn corrects him and tells him that hes saving him. After that we see Nicholas dig up a gun which cannot go well.

Carol talks to Sam some more, and he reveals some more about his father. The abuse is confirmed as Carol retells the tale of the lock Sam has on the inside of his closet and how his mom sometimes tells him to stay in there till morning. Another time tells the story of Sam coming out because everything went quiet and he found his mother unconscious on the floor and his father just sitting on the porch. Carol reminds Rick that this parallels her abusive husband and again, encourages him to take car of Pete.

Rick goes to Deanna with his new found proof and we learn that she’s aware of the situation but points out 2 problems with making him leave. The first is that Pete is a surgeon, which is an important job. The second is that Deanna doesn’t want to kill anyone and gets visibly upset when Rick suggests it. She says they’ll exile him if they need to, but Rick rightly points out this’ll make them vulnerable to his return.

Rick goes to Jessie as he is quickly running out of options, but she quickly grows upset at the idea of trying to fix the situation. She tells Rick how this has been a situation since before the outbreak and he had previously gotten help. Rick leaves the house but, goes back because he cannot bring himself to let this continue since the next step is Jessie being dead. She agrees to accept his help when Rick points this out and also essentially admits feelings for her just as Pete walks in the room. Pete tells Rick to leave, and you can see the anger growing before Jessie intervenes and tells him that it is he who needs to leave. He gets very aggressive and a fight breaks out between Rick and Pete in which Rick throws Pete out the window onto the porch.

I love this picture so much, it really shows the caged animal being released in Rick.

With the fight now out on the street, everyone runs to the bloody scene. Deanna commands them to stop after Rick totally George McFlys Pete when he pushes Jessie away when she tries to pull him off Rick. Carl gets pushed away by Rick, but I don’t think he took it personally at all, it felt much less serious. Rick is basically foaming at the mouth as he attempts to take control and launch a new Ricktatorship – “starting now, we have to live in the real world!” He makes a few more really big statements about how they need to be managing Alexandria before Michonne suddenly approaches and knocks Rick out cold. As Yvette Nicole Brown said on The Talking Dead, “Rick is really close to calling up Laurie to see how shes doing!”

I think Rick was right to yell about Deanna’s management because the Pete issue is a huge example of internal issues that Deanna refuses to rectify before it gets worse. Its unknown for now why Michonne wanted Rick to stop talking but, presumably its because the situation was out of control with Rick waving his hidden gun around dripping in blood and it would be best to solve this in a calmer way. This is what brings Rick’s residence into question.

walking-dead-5x15-carlThroughout the episode, we see Carl and Enid potentially developing feelings for one another. Carl tracks down Enid in the forest and after she calls him out for it, they take off running presumably for fun when Enid later says she like running. Enid and Carl talk life until many walkers approach. They jump into a hollow tree and get very close to a kiss; the tension was so real and I am really into the coupling! She says she is afraid of him, and while in the hollow tree, just after they nearly kiss, she smugly points out that he is afraid of her too when he breaks the stare they were sharing.

Out on a recruiting mission, Daryl and Aaron spot someone in the distance. When they get down to the scene they see a body cut into multiple parts. Further down the road a body is tied to a tree ,and the guts are eaten. Upon closer inspection, they find a “W” etched into her forehead like we have seen a few times in the latter half of Season 5. As it has been pointed out by fans of the comics, this might be a group called the Wolves. Others have pointed out this could be a red herring and it could be Morgan Carving from a different angle but, this seems unlikely.

Sasha is up in the watchtower at the start of the episode but has another episode and runs off. Rosita and Michonne track her down just as she begins taking on a herd of walkers. It’s clear that she isn’t totally in reality as she shoots at them, taking them down rapidly. Michonne begins flashing back to her katana days which Rosita pointed out to her that she left in Alexandria when they came out here, suggesting that she is integrating like she wants to. Michonne begins to take them down with Sasha using a gun stating that it isn’t to help Sasha but it is for herself. “You can’t help me!” Sasha screams at Michonne and her desperate need for help is becoming more and more apparent. It’s beginning to seem like a right of passage in this group to have a break with reality.

This episode’s title is almost ironic in the sense that its referring to how Rick told everyone to “try” to assimilate and more than just him are failing to do so.

Like I had mentioned, the Season 5 finale is 90 minutes and promises to be intense.









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