Appdicted: Cosplanner

Hey Fangirls! I may not be the most avid of cosplayers, but when I set my mind to a cosplay, it’s hard to change it. Sadly, I am not super organized about it, so I end up taking weird amounts of time for everything. Luckily, my friend Mandy suggested that I check out an awesome app called Cosplanner.


It’s a pretty simple concept: as soon as you start a cosplay, you log everything into this neat app. What you need, the price of it, the percent done and handmade bits are, and the app keeps all of that organized! So when you finish a cosplay and want to know about how much money you spent on it, or how long it took you, you just pull it up in the app, and it lets you know.


When my friend told me about it, I thought it was something where I’d have to put in all of my “needs” right at the beginning. That worried me, because, like I said, I’m not always the most organized. Sometimes I forget things until I’m working on it. Lucky for me, you can input your needs at any time. It’ll just have to update the percent finished you are.

A big thing that appealed to me was the ability to add reference pictures. I know that sounds a bit silly, but it’s helpful to be able to just pull up pictures of what you’re working on in a moments notice, instead of digging through ages worth of selfies to find that one picture of Squirrel Girl I’ve got saved on my phone. This helps me so much because I don’t always print out a colored copy of a reference picture. I don’t have a colored printer, and I don’t feel like using the school labs for printing reference pics, so having them so easily accessible is fantastic.


Fangirls, no matter your cosplay of choice, or your ability level, you should check out Cosplanner. I’m finding it super helpful to keep organized. Plus it’s a great reminder to stop procrastinating and just see the damn thing.

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