The Flash: “Rogue Time”

flash_cisco_1600Last we left Barry, he had traveled back in time to the previous day by running too fast. As Barry begins to relive the previous day, Dr. Wells realizes what happened and gives Barry a stark warning. If Barry were to change any event, the universe would essentially do something else to balance things out. Barry, of course, doesn’t listen and uses his knowledge of the future to capture Mark Mardon before he can kidnap Joe and send the deadly tsunami toward Central City, thinking he was doing good in stoping him before that situation arises.

flash163Meanwhile, Leonard Snart and Mick Rory return to Central City with the help of Lisa, Leonard’s sister, helped them do. Leonard sends Lisa after Cisco to seduce him(without knowledge of who she is). When they have him captured, they force him to rebuild the cold and heat guns as well as a third gun for Lisa which turns people into solid gold, hinting at her name, Golden Glider(I’d like to hear any science on that, that kind of bothered me that suddenly there is a gun that can just turn people to gold.). He does this under the threat that they will kill Cisco’s brother, Diego. The brothers bond and fix a begrudging relationship of Diego being the favorite despite doing less than Cisco.

Barry comes to the realization that Dr. Wells was right because his actions have not only resulted in Cisco’s kidnapping but, his painfully awkward advances on Iris have been answered with resistance. Dr. Wells suspects that the precarious situation of the previous timeline may have awakened these feeling in Iris and, without it, the feelings are too deep down for her to access. Dr. Wells even hints at his own time travel, asking Barry to imagine traveling centuries into the past and having to worry about changing things that far in advance. Cisco returns and reveals that Leonard tortured his brother until Cisco revealed the Flash’s true identity which he decides means he has to quit due to not being worthy. Dr. Wells takes Cisco down to the room with the force field that they “captured” the Reverse Flash in to remind him that they all failed that day and continued on, noting that all Cisco has done today was revealed that he was human. It was spooky because some of the lines in this scene were word for word the same as last time, except this time, Cisco didn’t end up with a hand through his chest.

the_flash_70890Barry goes after the Snarts and Mick and after grabbing Cold and running him far away, the two develop an uneasy truce. Snart will not reveal Barry’s identity, will no longer kill innocent people, and stay away from Barry’s friends in exchange for Barry not locking him away in the particle accelerator. Barry also throws down the name “Rogues” for the first time before leaving Snart far from the city without a ride.

The Reverse-Flash kills Iris’s boss and destroys evidence linking Dr. Wells to the death of Simon Stagg. He cleans up the whole lab an takes away the body, leaving the public to think he has gone missing. The reporter’s vanishing causes Barry to think Joe might be right about Dr. Wells and contacts him to look into it.

One last little side bit, Caitlin saves the day in Barry’s social life by saying that he is suffering from “lightning psychosis” which I am 90% confident is entirely made up but she uses it to explain to Iris Barry’s erratic behavior and outpouring of feelings and all is forgiven.

Honestly I really don’t like that they undid everything  from “Out of Time.” Cisco is alive and got to actually enjoy being called a son by Dr. Wells, Iris is in the dark, and now we are going down a completely different path when lat week has so many intense moments that just don’t matter unless Barry now figures out how to run through time and space because depending on the theory of time travel this show intends to use, Barry accidentally made an alternate universe and alternate timeline.

The next episode sees the introduction of the Trickster!! More Rogues!!

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