Video: Paper Towns Trailer Reaction

It’s already been a long time coming, Fangirls, and the movie itself isn’t even out yet. However, the trailer now is. Paper Towns is one of my all time favorite books, and every nerd knows the panic of a great book being made into a movie. I’m easing my feelings into things with the new trailer, and you get to see my emotions live. 

As I explain in the video, I’m a long time nerdfighter with roots deep in this book. I’m nervous as all get out about what will become of the story in the movie, but am trying to remain hopeful. Surprisingly, the trailer doesn’t really lean me in any particular direction.

So there you have it, trailer reacted to. Only a few months until the movie comes out in July, and every day I grow more terrified and excited. Let me know how you’re feeling about the trailer, the upcoming movie, and the book itself before all this hubbub! Here or on our Twitter or Facebook.

Watch the trailer for yourself below!









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