Black Widow Issue 12

Fangirls, to be totally frank, not much happened in this issue, action-wise. I mean, Anderson Cooper was in it, and Natasha helped blow up a helicopter. Not too much visible action.


But shit really did hit the fan here. Anderson Cooper was in this issue to release some bad news about Natasha; basically everything about her. Footage of her work as a spy was broadcast nationwide for people to see that a supposed Avenger is really just a terrorist. What they don’t seem to understand, is that that’s her job.


The Black Widow works for SHIELD doing the things Captain America can’t. Cap can’t go into a foreign country and blow up bad guys because he’s very high profile, but that’s not who he is. He’s a good guy, a boyscout; doing things the American way. Natasha, however, is not. She’s former KGB, which means she knows how to get stuff done, even if it’s the dirty way. She’s efficient, and bottom line gets the job done.

The general populous doesn’t get that. Apparently, even the president doesn’t, because the leader of SHIELD gets a phone call from him, asking where Natasha is. When she has to explain that Natasha is off grid because it’s her job, that’s when it really hits home that no one will be sympathetic to her situation.


Meanwhile, in Somalia, she rescues a kidnapped journalist from a terror group and stops them from killing the team she’s working with. But you know, she’s a bad egg who can’t be trusted.

Back in the US, her lawyer Isaiah sees the news and how bad it is, and contacts her. He tells her that he’ll grab her cat and some clothes for her, and they’ll get her somewhere safe where she won’t be bothered by the media. When he gets to her house, though, someone is waiting. He gets shot, and it really isn’t looking good for him. The issue ends with Natasha walking up the stairs to her building, with bloody cat paw prints marking the railing.


In case you didn’t notice, Fangirls, I’m a bit protective of Natasha. I’ve come to realize how important she is not only to the Avengers, but to the world. She does a lot of special operations stuff that people can’t find out about, and she does her job incredibly well. Hell, she’s trying to make reparations to the people she actually wronged as a KGB agent through her spiderweb of money deposits. It really frustrates me to see the reports that were released about her. And though it looks bleak, I’m really hoping things start to look up.

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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